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Should Republicans Just Give Obama What He Wants?

Todd189 Wrote: Nov 29, 2012 1:04 PM
Guy, your arguments were made during the election, but we lost. The problem the GOP has is not with Obama or the Democrats, but with the 62.6 million entitlement seekers who voted for them. Until a majority of voters decide to become responsible adults, there is nothing that can stop America's slide into the abyss. My father used to say that sometime you have to let the wagon completely break down before anyone will agree to fix it. The best thing we can do is jump on board and hasten the demise; then maybe we can implement true reform. I do like your idea of having the Republicans vote present as a bloc. I'd like to see how the MSM spins that!
Ralph178 Wrote: Nov 29, 2012 1:59 PM
I agree. The sooner the Obama ship sinks, the sooner we can build a new one. (Just be sure you have a Personal Floatation Device!)

What should conservatives make of this provocative post from "RB" at the Right Sphere, which basically counsels Congressional Republicans to just get out of the way and let Obama have his way on the fiscal cliff?  Though I have some fundamental quarrels with the premise, I must confess that RB's "let it burn" playbook is certainly appealing on some level:

I’ve been watching the negotiations – if you can call Republicans negotiating with themselves while Obama still hasn’t put a plan on the table “negotiating” – over the “Fiscal Cliff” for weeks and it’s time for...