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The Establishment has turned the GOP into the New Whig Party -- just as clueless and just as irrelevant as the old Whig Party was in 1854. Just as the Republican Party formed out of the remnants of the old Whig Party, a new, more conservative, phoenix will rise from the ashes of the New Whigs.
Doesn't obesity kill lots of people, at least according to Liberal math? Maybe the grossly overweight Representative GoNadler should consider banning certain foods from his diet before going after other peoples' guns.
Where is the scum-stream-media to decry the violence of the Left? They're so busy touting imaginary Tea Party violence that they can't recognize it happens for real.
It's you ... of course ... cuz you're racist .. or something like that ...
Guy, your arguments were made during the election, but we lost. The problem the GOP has is not with Obama or the Democrats, but with the 62.6 million entitlement seekers who voted for them. Until a majority of voters decide to become responsible adults, there is nothing that can stop America's slide into the abyss. My father used to say that sometime you have to let the wagon completely break down before anyone will agree to fix it. The best thing we can do is jump on board and hasten the demise; then maybe we can implement true reform. I do like your idea of having the Republicans vote present as a bloc. I'd like to see how the MSM spins that!
Back at ya -- Why do you hate those making over $250K? Raising taxes on them won't close the budget hole and will likely result in less money than expected coming in tot he Treasury and an overall loss in jobs. Look at California's death-spiral of increasing taxes, yet increasing budget gaps. The problem is not income, but spending. You could tax the so-called "rich" 100% of their income and liberals would bemoan that what they could do if they only had 101%.
What Tea Partiers would mind LESS of is Bill Kristol as a so-called representative of Conservativism.
Ah, the GOP Circular Firing Squad rears its ugly head once again. Compare how the Republicans eat their mistake-makers and ideological outliers to how the Democrats rally around theirs. Look at how the Dems are protecting Susan Rice, who obviously lied to the American public for blatant political reason, going even so far as to draw the race and gender cards on opponents. Even the Prevaricator-in-Chief himself came out to protect "the little lady" from meanies McCain and Graham (R-Confusion). The Libs will tie the Repblicans in knots while she becomes Secretary of State and the GOP establishment will be left wondering why their buttholes hurt so bad.
Union of Soviet Socialist America = USSA
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Allen West Demands Hand Recount

Todd189 Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 5:19 PM
Funny how the media notes Allen West as controversial, but there's no mention of the "controversial" Alan Grayson being re-elected to Congress. Grayson makes West look like an amatuer when it comes t outlandish statements. Obama was bad enough, but Grayson being re-elected is proof-positive this country has gone down the toilet. They should change the name to the USSA -- Union of Soviet Socialist America.
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Todd Akin vs. Elizabeth Warren

Todd189 Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 3:35 PM
If it were just Akin & Warren that would be one thing; but there are many more. Jesse Jackson Jr won a LANDSLIDE re-election from a psych ward at the Mayo Clinic. He's under criminal indictment and is in plea negotiations with the feds. Charles Rangel is a big-time tax cheat who should be in prison, let alone be re-elected for the second time after he was busted. On the other hand, Republican Duke Cunningham rots away in federal prison for taking payoffs. Bill Clinton serially harrassed women, perjured himself, was impeached (though not convicted by the Senate), but today is held in awe as the most popular Democrat in the country. This double-standard is allowed to exist because the media allows it to, promotes it, and uses it as a weapon.
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