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Welcome to the USSA -- Union of Soviet Socialist Amerika -- founded on November 2, 2012
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Grassroots Coalition Takes On Comcast

Todd189 Wrote: Sep 10, 2013 6:29 PM
OK Tom, how about offering some practical solutions on how to do what you suggest -- aside from giving up TV and Internet access altogether for those us trapped behind the Comcast Iron Screen.
W showed the world Shock & Awe O gives us nothing but Shuck & Jive Bush's military operations were given hopeful names - Operation Enduring Freedom Obama's hapless foreign policy could best be called Operation Enduring Confusion Bill's military misstep was told in the movie drama "Black Hawk Down" Barry's martial misadventures could be a comedy titled "Black Squawk Clown"
Did you leave out Barney Frank on purpose? Or is he the wife in his relationship? I can never that part figured out ...
Only if the government pays for her expenses.
It will likely be the most attention these ugly ducklings get in their miserable lifetimes. I suppose their national anthem is J. Geils' "Centerfold."
Who is Lawrence O'Donnell and why should I care what this moron has to say?
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What Are McCain and Graham Thinking?

Todd189 Wrote: Mar 07, 2013 4:01 PM
McCain & Graham want, above all else, to become the "recognized" face of the Republican Party, but Paul got in their way. Even if they disagreed with paul, they could have just kept quiet, but that would have meant the spotlight not shining on them. Think about it this way: Despite a number of Democrats disagreeing with the Administration position, I didn't hear one of them attacking Obama in the same way McCain & Graham savaged Paul. Is there any wonder why the Dems are in power and the GOP is not? The Republicans might want to change their name to the New Whig Party, because they are becoming as irrelevant as the original Whigs and, if they don't tack back to their Conservative roots, they will become just as extinct
Two raggedity old pots calling the kettle black! I think they're just jealous that Paul stole their spotlight. At least Paul had the fortitude to go through with a REAL filibuster, not one of those sneeky, backdoor holds that McCain and Graham were gutlessly famous for.
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