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A Few Thoughts

Todd189 Wrote: Nov 07, 2012 5:22 PM
I raise your horsefeathers and call Bullhockey on you! You might want to duck so that my point doesn't hit you squarely in your forehead the second time around. Akin was not the establishment candidate in the primary and the RNC & RNSC were more than happy to dump him after his gaffe. The Dems, on the other hand, rally around there guys and help pick them back up after they've fallen. They do what Liebau suggests Republicans do, fight back, right or wrong. The fact that so many Tea Party candidates don't well is because the GOP establishment refuses to support them, allows the DNC to brand them, and then not defend them. The establishment's excuse is that they were flawed candidates, when in fact it is the establishment that is flawed

Coming out of last night's defeat, it occurred to me that there are some important things that we don't know, and some important lessons that we now know. 

What We Don't Know

Was the President's appeal personal or political?

In some ways, Barack Obama presents the perfect political storm for non-Democrats.  He has particular appeal both to minority communities and to the affluent academic-elite-lefty components of the Democrat party. So was last night's heavy   Democrat turnout a new benchmark for Democratic turnout based on support for Democrat policy, or was it a particular testament to Obama's persona and...