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Issa really needs to follow up on these subpoenas with formal contempt charges instead of just more "tough questions" that these people always seem to sidestep. Information and emails can be obtained in minutes with minimal effort, it doesn't take months or years.
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Racist Elephants

ToccoCinco Wrote: Mar 17, 2014 7:28 PM
Not sure what you're watching, but almost all criminals, bad guys, murders, etc.. on TV and movies are white male actors, to a ridiculously disproportionate extreme..
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Stop Being Stupid!

ToccoCinco Wrote: Feb 27, 2014 9:51 AM
Not everything is about politics. And I think it's "so damned stupid" to say things like "I wouldn’t patronize places that refused to serve people based on their skin color, sexual orientation or political beliefs, but that’s just me." as if these three thing are even remotely related. It is not sin to have a different tone of skin color and it's not sin to be affiliated with either political party, but the line has to be drawn somewhere. I like the idea of donating the money personally. That said, if the cake was for any other reason other than for a wedding ceremony it shouldn't have been a problem. If the bakers didn't want to be a part of the denigration of God's institution of marriage (one man + one woman) for religious reasons.The customer could buy the cake elsewhere.
Exactly! The republican majority in the house should have been joined with fiscal conservative democrats to put a stop to this madness of ever increasing borrowing. There are so many things the US government shouldn't be at all involved in. That's where the cuts should start. The US military is the number one function of the federal government and should be the last place to cut.
The real "choice" is made in the bedroom. The choice called abortion is murder. Jeremiah 1:5 "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.." As God knew Jeremiah He knows you and I, and He knew every baby murdered through abortion.
Oil companies are the only ones that produce a particular product that's necessary for a car to perform. Hospitals and doctors on the other hand can still perform without even the existence of insurance companies. I'm not splitting hairs. I'm tired of the narrative that health care can't possibly be provided unless an insurance company pays for it.
If an insurance company refuses to pay a bill that is clearly spelled out in the policy as a covered expense then that would be wrong and a significant legal issue.
Insurance companies do not provide health care they provide help with payment for specific procedures as laid out in the policy that the patient purchases from them. Ultimately it's the patient's responsibility to pay their bill either through payments covered by their insurance policy, or personal funds, or family funds, or donations - the patient is responsible. If the patient can't come up with the funds it's the provider who refuses service.
Insurance companies do not and can not provide health care. They may refuse payment as part of their business practice as they see fit to run it, but they do not refuse the provision of health care.
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