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Unfortunately you are correct. But they will never get acceptance of the behavior, the best they will get is tolerance of their choice, regardless of what the government at any level or branch may do or decide.
That is so true. When it comes to tearing down other republicans they act like tigers, but when facing the dems they act like kittens. Wake up GOP, the dems will call you names no matter what tact you use with them. You may as well fight back.
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Defining Life

ToccoCinco Wrote: Jul 24, 2014 12:14 AM
I'm pro-life and pro-choice at the same time. I know that life begins at conception and abortion is murder. I never hold back in my communication regarding that fact. However, I do believe that people should have the freedom to choose whether or not to have a baby, as long as the choice is made in the bedroom (before sex) and not in the clinic (abortion). The freedom to choose must be made before copulation.
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Article One and Stunts

ToccoCinco Wrote: Jul 11, 2014 8:25 AM
I am way over the lifers in congress calling what they do "serving their country". They live to server themselves and keep their cushy jobs with all of the perks as long as they possibly can, by whatever means they can (there are exceptions). However I do see a strategy. The law suit can and will energize some of the GOP's base in November. But after that, if they don't utilize the power of the purse to stop the lawlessness of this president, our representatives need to be relentlessly flooded with complaints in the form of emails, letter and phone calls - endless communication of disgust form all of us.
"We will always have extremes" That's true, but your comparison is flawed.. MSNBC to the far left. CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC to the left, and FOX News slightly to the right would be more accurate. Reality is lopsidedly left leaning. .
Exactly, Just don't dot it!!!!!!! Or go to the store and buy a box of condoms.
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The Rudeness of Registries

ToccoCinco Wrote: Jun 23, 2014 4:59 AM
I'm not sure here why he thinks the registry must be utilized by the gift giver. People can still buy what they want to buy to give as a gift without even looking at any list. I buy what I want to give as a gift - but sometime I use the registry to get ideas.
I know this "congress sucks, but my congressman is pretty good" attitude has got to stop. Those who are making a career in congress only serve themselves and have to go. The job was not intended as a career. Half of the issue is that many congressmen and women are self-focused and or incompetent, and half is that they do nothing substantial or definitive to uphold the constitution, stopping dead in their tracks, other "leaders" who ignore it and our rights. Tell YOUR congressmen or women to stop giving away our rights as US citizens, and to stop giving away our money for the votes they want to secure to keep their cushy jobs!
I wouldn't argue against your point at all except to say that average citizens are the best for congressional positions. Also that more often than not they are, and need to be, the brightest. Being responsible, love of country as well as their particular state and its people, fear of God, and respect for those who gave all defending our home are extremely important traits to me as well. The point I was making is that positions in congress are not intended to be careers to where the only job being done is working toward getting re-elected at any cost. Serve (actual service, not lip service) and then go home should be their motto.
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