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No one believes you - flagged!
Doing well in Jacksonville - Thank you for your effort Governor Rick Scott. Because people aren't all feeling the recovery yet is no reason to give the governorship back to the self-serving Charlie Crist. No commitment Charlie - to anything. Crist will do or say whatever it takes to get what HE wants. A Republican, an Independent, and a Democrat walk into a bar, The bartender says, "Hey, what's up Charlie Crist."
No phobia here - just suggesting productive work for the CDC. This has become epidemic - could be viral. Could be an issue involving mental health.
Gun control means hitting your target. I'm sure she's just suggesting we practice more at the range is all.
The CDC should be working on a cure for those individuals who are attracted physically to the same sex. From a evolutionary stand point, it's a flaw because same sex individuals cannot reproduce. From a Biblical view it's significant sin. Some progress here would save a lot of money as well spent on legislation and in the court system related to those who are affected.
Nope he doesn't mean the Romney voters. Romney may have won the state, but it's the Obama voters who are running wild.
I really don't understand why anyone would think that anything stated in this article would have mattered to an Obama voter. It wouldn't have changed the outcome of the election. They don't care about the corruption.
"They can still hate" - Christians don't "hate" the people, but we do hate the sin, I also hate the act of adultery, stealing, pornography...
God's law is that marriage is one man and one woman, to produce godly offspring. Anything else is, well, something else - regardless of what people call it. No court on earth has the authority to change that.
I feel the same way about evolutionists and global warming whackos
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