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"First and foremost, we are a nation built on the rule of law" - I guess the rest of that sentence not spoken from him would have to be - "but I'm working hard to change that". It's not a community for many of them in the sense that we would normally think of a community. As individuals they're burning (and taking) OTHER people's stuff - a convenient opportunity to do what they really want to do, that's why the case evidence has always been so irrelevant to them. I feel bad for those who really do look at it like the destruction of their town - their home. .
"I promise comrade, if you like your borders the state will allow you to keep them." - The trusted Supreme Leader of the USSA (United Socialist States of America) We're fine - you're all being silly! Never forget the president had both houses of congress for two years. They could have done whatever they wanted but did nothing. His acting alone is for personal power and Dem votes, not to solve an immigration "problem". He way overstepped it this time.
This bit by SNL would be funny if it weren't such a significant issue (In several respects). Also one error, the bill wasn't waiting for the republicans to act. The Dems had both houses and the presidency at one point and never acted on immigration. They could have passed whatever they wanted. Why is it so important now that the president has to force it with an action that oversteps his constitutional authority?
He must have taken out a loan to pay for it when he was in China.
I would love to go back to the days when the Commander in Chief actually worked on, and made progress in matters that actually have relevance, and that pertain to the position to which they were elected. Say, like destroying ISIS, and sealing the border.
RodT, Of course you won't get a response because NHSenior has no real argument to back up his claim about Priebus. It was just an emotional response, and as always, without substance.
Time for everyone to make contact with his or her congressperson and tell them what WE want and why we put them in office. Apply some pressure folks!!!!!!!
"unleash The Gowdy!" - love that line. And, yes it is well past time.
He was complaining about why this murderer was allowed to remain in the US long enough to kill two of our police officers after repeated offences, and the reporting of the circumstances. I feel confident that almost every member of the media would use the term "point blank range" in the same sense, so I'm not sure how relevant that really is. Gay used to mean carefree, now the media uses it to describe an individual or individuals engaged in a deviant lifestyle. The members of federal agencies currently in charge won't uphold current law, and the media refuses to hold them accountable. That's the issue. It's not whether or not "point blank range" means close to a target, or the distance between a firearm and a target, where a bullet in flight is expected to hit the target without adjusting the elevation of the firearm.
He's not wrong. The Bible is clear in the roles of women an men. Feminism (the spokespersons) makes a value judgement on those roles. God doesn't, to Him both are equally important. Mag14's indignation should be directed toward the prominent feminism proponents that are misrepresenting the "beliefs of all' not John Nantz.
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