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The Right to Decency

tnorth Wrote: Jul 18, 2012 9:25 AM
Absoute B.S. When you bought a TV, did you have to sign something saying you consent to anything, much less indecency. I didn;'t and therefore, don't try to tell me I consented to anything. The mere act of buying a TV is NOT consent to indecency. I'm sick of the god complex of demented individuals like you. You are the problem with the world

*Note - Morgan Bennett is a co-author.

The U. S. Supreme Court decision on broadcast indecency in FCC v. Fox Television, Inc. , (June 21, 2012) (“Fox II”), has reignited an important debate: whether TV networks have a right to distribute indecent material into our homes without our consent. The U. S. Congress prohibited such activity and the high Court upheld that prohibition decades ago. To obtain their licenses to broadcast, networks pledge to act in the “public interest,” but for years, they have abandoned that pledge to promote their own morbid interest in indecency.

After Fox, the Federal Communications...