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Reid to McCain: Hey, Thanks for Killing that Gun Control Filibuster

tnmccoy Wrote: Apr 11, 2013 5:25 PM
Since criminals, by definition, break laws, why do you think that anything produced by politicians would stop anything? All these laws are aimed at law-abiding citizens. Criminals buy and steal their guns outside the law, so they just sit around and rob and kill with no fear of reprisal from the victims. You win for the semi-boob of the day.

The Democrats' love affair with Republican John McCain is never ending, but Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid took things to a whole different level today on the Senate floor. Reid credited and thanked McCain for killing the filibuster threat against any new form of gun control legislation.

"John McCain is a leader."

Right, John McCain is a leader for doing the politically correct thing of reaching accross the aisle to promote a piece of legislation that would have done nothing to prevent any mass shooting...

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