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Hostess Fires 15,000 Workers in Liquidation; Twinkies Silliness From Readers

tnmccoy Wrote: Nov 23, 2012 7:25 PM
The Republican Party doesn't instruct anyone, least of all the phantom 'minions' as to what to think and say. The Democrats are past masters at that sort of thing. And they don't stand for competition. To most Republicans, God is paramount, with the Nationalism coming second. To most Democrats, self and party come first, then there's a long, long, long distance down to Nationalism and God at the bottom. That's the reality, and a faulty election process doesn't change it.

The BBC reports Twinkies firm Hostess Brands wins liquidation bid.

Note that the first step in liquidation will be the firing of 15,000 workers including the closure of 33 bakeries, 565 distribution centers, approximately 5,500 delivery routes and 570 bakery outlet stores.

At least a dozen readers sent emails in response to my previous two posts on Twinkies.

One misguided soul from the Netherlands wrote "Your article on the bankruptcy of Hostess is so extremely biased. I am...