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Heh: Reid Tries to Embarrass Scott Brown, Fails Miserably

tnmccoy Wrote: Sep 22, 2012 3:27 PM
At some point in time---probably sooner than later, there have to be enough American Democrats to kick out the crazies and take back control of their party. Otherwise, the party will soon disintegrate into smaller, anti-American groups with no sense, no strength, no intelligence, no National leader, and nothing to fall back on except their communist brethren and union thugs. Democrat Party, RIP.

By now you've probably grown inured to Harry Reid's oafish hyper-partisanship, but it's still fun to flag instances where it blows up in his face.  In advance of last night's Massachusetts Senate debate, Sen. Scott Brown told local reporters that he might be forced to skip the face-off with rival Elizabeth Warren if his official duties required him to remain in Washington to cast votes.  Reid interpreted this as a sign of trepidation and accused Brown of running scared and deliberately using the Senate calendar as a handy excuse to duck the debate.  Reid