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$10,000,000 fine! I expect this to be paid out of the DOJ budget and not from some convenient slush fund. And Eric Holder should be held responsible for his underlings and his obvious lack of over-site of their activities. Give him a dishonorable discharge and twenty years at hard labor.
The priests should be punished for their deviance, but they did not go around killing non-Christians, kidnapping and beheading and bombing innocent people. Stop trying to justify the violent islamic cult with ridiculous comparisons of apples and oranges. And I agree with WjF about the goats and sheep. We must always remember, we are dealing with violent cultists from the 7th Century.
Islam is NOT a religion, but a violent cult built around a 7th Century pedophile and murderer. Let's be real and honest here.
Tibby and Occam are more than funny with their posts. Funny but accurate. Great work!
Why didn't the usually competent GOP staffers record the call to prevent this sort of thing? I should think that it would be a no-brainer. Then when the democrats shovel their bullcrapola, the recording could be played to the media and people, and show the democrats for what they are: Liars!
In the above photo, Harry Reid looks like a cadaver---a good sign. He causes and has caused too much taxpayer damage as a Senate Minority Leader and in his last job as Senate Majority Leader. Reid has gravely insulted this Senate and all past Senates with his general disregard for the people of the United States and our free Country as originally set up. A pox be upon him.
That's what our Constitution says.
In the lead-in photo, I find it interesting that the photographer chose a specifically angle his position to picture Cosby in good light. The photo shows Cosbyas if he has a halo behind him. Really classy whoever the photographer was! Nothing like trying to stack the deck, oh liberal, is there?
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How Clothes Can Save Your Life

tnmccoy Wrote: Jan 19, 2015 3:04 PM
And yet, this man serves the anti-semite, muslim President obama and the left wing anti-semites in Hollywood? What gives? It's an extraordinary story, but the ending falls flat as he enables the anti-semites to prosper.
You can do both. Start with John Boehner, the RINO.
No way from me as well. Our muslim-in-chief obama doesn't carry a tv set with him on the golf course---or does he?
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