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What's your point? To demean a former President who hasn't been in office for six years, and is not responsible for the debacle called obama? You must scrape up minor occasions [which are perfectly responsible comment] to attack the people who have protected us against the far left as much as possible?
Somebody should send her back to the insane asylum. She wouldn't know the truth if she tripped over it.
They may be related, but Arabs are NOT white. Even if you're color-blind, it should be obvious. And it's generally Arab terrorists who blow up people all over the World while the muslim nations cheer. Obama acts like a muslim black. That also is obvious from his actions and statements. In fact, he seems to be pro [or at least neutral] to the muslim terrorism aimed at the US--the latter which he hates.
Well, he's working for a semi-closeted muslim, what can we expect except the usual far left incompetence and downright danger?
As I noted above, it's because obama and the Western Nations are cowards. They're too afraid of the muslim terrorist backlash if they support Israel. So, they'll continue to bash the jews at every chance.
"Israel will likely suffer harsher international repercussions than the Palestinians if the talks collapse, said Israeli analyst Yossi Alpher." --- This is because the Western nations are cowardly. They're afraid of a muslim backlash of violence in their own Countries. Everyone voices hatred and disgust about the holocaust and NAZI Germany, but what the cowardly Western Nations are doing and about to do may be far worse against the Israelis.
Andrew Cuomo is an idiot. He supports baby murder and sexual perverts to roam about and stomp on other people's rights---and he doesn't want people of right minds to move to New York? Cuomo is anti-life, anti-Constitution, anti-Christian and, as Darby O'Gill wrote, part of the New Mafia. Cuomo should be jailed with gay roommates and be forced to watch movies of actual abortions eight hours a day. His nights would be taken care of by his cellmates. We'll be glad to hear his opinions after a year or two of this.
Ah....the 'D' after their names indicate the democrats, the political party of death. Abortion is cut and dried Baby murder, no matter what the liberals want us to believe. A woman who aborts her baby is guilty of baby murder. And those supporting abortion are supporting murder! And the stupid politicians go along with the radicals because their party affiliation urges them to. Lock them all up and throw away the keys.
I'd rather a change be made to her name: ex-Representative Sheila Jackson Lee from Houston. She's an idiot, and changing the name doesn't change the fact that it's welfare, welfare, welfare. And too many takers are out there, sometimes several generations at the same time. Free love, no work, gimmee, gimmee, obama gifts, when used to excess make welfare cheats.
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Gun Confiscation Underway in New York

tnmccoy Wrote: Dec 05, 2013 8:35 PM
The Democrats only want their version of the Constitution. :And their's is substantially different from what is historical, adjusting the bill of rights down to only a few items. This party has been destroying us piece by piece for decades. But now, they and the closet liberals in the education system are showing their chutzpah in the NAZI environment nurtured by the Democrats. A school in Texas has banned Christmas trees, any reference to Christmas or Chanukah or any other religious comments, and the colors red and green from the winter party of THIRD GRADERS!
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Iran Won't Accept Nuclear Deal

tnmccoy Wrote: Nov 11, 2013 7:15 PM
I don't approve of the proposed deal, but I do have a comment. Iran and the democrats read from the same playbook. And when they're given everything they ask for, they won't accept it, thus showing they never will agree to any plan---in this case, no matter what obama and kerry give away to the enemy.
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