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The welfare nation is the sugar pill that is easy to swallow that will lead us to destruction. It is a carefully constructed plan of destruction that is close to the point of no return.
On average, the SAT and GRE scores for education majors are among the lowest averages of any major offed by any college. Not to say there are not many bright and dedicated educators but it is a field that promotes and even encourages mediocrity.
Hand dug wells are shallow and thus easily contaminated. What is needed in Kenya are deep wells that require heavy drilling equipment which is scarce and expensive. (Kenya has a 100% tariff on just about everything imported and often won't wave it even for NGO's) This scarcity places wells beyond the reach of people who only make $40-60 per month. I've been to Kenya and seen the corruption and exploitation.
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Where's The Hyperinflation?

TN Horseman Wrote: Aug 11, 2012 6:42 PM
Actually, Scott, velocity is a ratio of the current GDP estimate and the Money Supply. Much like inventory turns in retail or manufacturing.
I see a real can of worms being opened . Here in Tennessee there is a state sales tax of 6,5% plus a local sales tax of up to 3%. Either the local government gets screwed or the etailer will have a record keeping nightmare. I'm sure TN is not the only state with this form of sales tax.
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