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New Clinton-Themed Romney Ad: "Give Me A Break"

TNconservative Wrote: Sep 06, 2012 8:43 PM
I agree with wesren, the problem with Obama is he is a democrat. Did you see much opposition to him in the convention? There is a reason for that. Any democrat president you have will drift further and further to the left special interest unless they are forced to by a congress that can override their veto.

This spot features a classic clip from 2008 when an exasperated Clinton called Obamamania as "the biggest fairy tale" he'd ever seen:

Ah, the good old days when Bill Clinton was an evil racist, or whatever.  Now the 42nd president is making excuses for The One, trying to convince Americans 2012 is a referendum on his 1990's record, even though he hasn't been on a ballot in roughly 15 years.  That's how ugly it's gotten under the current incumbent.  American Crossroads is up...