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Yes it is very unfortunate that elections can be bought with attack adds. It is embarrassing how this seems to work so well on the voting public. And I don't say that to insult them at all. I wish it were not true.
The only thing this election shows is that Virginians are making poor decisions in politics. Does Christie winning New Jersey mean anything much? Is New Jersey going to be a red state? What great gain has abandoning conservatism ever brought? And they spend so much money to do it. Do not believe the enemy. They have been trying to claim the tea party is dead from the very beginning. All of their wishful thinking they claim as fact. Conservatives won in 2010.
I haven't said anything in quite a while, been frustrated by politics. I will say this, don't let the enemy convince you that conservatism is political suicide. If Virginians want a liberal democrat to drive their state into the ground, that might be a good thing, maybe they will learn something. 2014 should be a good election year for conservatives, like 2010. As long as they go with conservatism and don't get conned by the enemy.
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Polls: Ties in MI, MN, NH, OH, PA

TNconservative Wrote: Nov 04, 2012 8:48 PM
I think Romney stands a good chance. Before the debates, I didn't think that he did at all. I still think that a more conservative choice would be higher in the polls right now. They say the matter of winning Ohio will be rather or not rural Ohio shows up to vote. That tells me that a strong conservative is the key to winning Ohio. But hopefully they will turn out for Romney anyways. We will see. One thing I will says about Romney is I don't think he will let the democrats steal from him, so I am hoping that voter fraud will be prevented, and if it is, I think that is good for the republicans any day. At this point, I would not be surprised to see Romney win it after all, but I wouldn't be too surprised either way. I hope Obama loses.
People are too afraid of what liberals say about this or that. When will people realize that if you disagree with liberals at all, then to them, that is hatred and you are a bigot? The point should not be trying to maintain a clean image with liberals, or to give them their way to avoid being smeared by them. The point is that most liberals have lost any right to have an opinion that matters. They have the right to an opinion, just like an idiot and a liar does. But they lost the right to have an opinion that matters.
Ok, Romney won the first debate. Ryan allowed Biden to lie too much and did not act aggressively which I was disappointed with, because he said, "lets do this", however Ryan still won because the last 4 years have been a disaster. I would say Romney won the second debate. There were a few parts were Romney could have done better, but over all he did well. I couldn't believe that some people actually thought that Obama won. On what? What great point did he make? The last 4 years has been unemployment, high gas prices and recession. Obama loses by default no matter what he says. Now Willard must win this one, and keep hammering until the election. That is what the people want. So give it to them. Be pushy, even more pushy than libs.
Yeah, that is perhaps what has helped him. Whatever the case is, keep it up all the way to the election.
Many of you know I have been a critic of the Willard campaign. But what about the first debate? Did Willard win? Indeed, Willard was the victor, and did very well. I predicted that Obama would take advantage of Willard's policies, which seem to take both sides of the fence. But Obama didn't, and was just losing. This was very important because people everywhere were waiting for Willard to finally attack Obama. It was a breath of fresh air, which people needed. It even made me think I might could even vote for him. Of course if you live in a battleground you should vote for them anyways. Biden acted exactly like someone who was wrong but wanted to win anyways, Ryan didn't call him on it enough though. Lets hope Willard does it again.
Obama is for more government not less. The democrats view the government as way too small right now. More government means more spending.
Let me guess, your for increasing spending?
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