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Will Obama Allow Americans to Practice Catholicism? No!

tncdel Wrote: Nov 21, 2012 12:28 PM
This problem is greatly compounded by the fact that most claiming to be Catholics aren't true Catholics. That was amply proven by the fact that 52% of the voters calling themselves Catholic voted for Obama. It is patently impossible for any true Catholic to vote for a man so extremist pro-abortion that he even defended killing newborn babies who survived abortions.
Stan432 Wrote: Nov 21, 2012 1:46 PM
The Catholic Church and Republicans, need to separate out the birth control from abortion in this argument. The vast majority of Catholics use birth control, but not abortion. They hear about the birth control issue and shrug their collective shoulders.

The other issue is why are we paying for it? But the unwashed masses don't understand or care about that either.
eddie again Wrote: Nov 21, 2012 2:26 PM
they do not need to do so.
upwithRomney Wrote: Nov 21, 2012 8:29 PM
What about all the poor Christian Scientests that have to pay for all this medical care that they do not believe n.

"Catholicism teaches that it is a sin to use, provide, or otherwise support contraception."

These words are not from the Catholic Catechism or a sermon by a Catholic bishop. They are excerpted from the preliminary injunction U.S. District Judge Robert H. Cleland issued last month temporarily stopping the Obama administration from forcing a family-owned outdoor-power-equipment company to comply with an Obamacare regulation that requires virtually all health care plans to provide women (but not men) with co-pay-free coverage for sterilizations, contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs.

The judge stated the Catholic teaching on contraception as an undisputed fact of the...