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North Korea Promises More than A Nuclear Test

tncdel Wrote: Feb 09, 2013 9:23 PM
Send in a team of SEALS to quickly take out the North Korean leadership, while at the same time South Korean neutralizes the missile launching site. Its location is well-known, and with no one left to give orders, the starving North Korean people will welcome the aid following it up.

South Korea-North Korea: South Korean analysts and experts have begun speculating on the timing of the next North Korean nuclear detonation. Some of them think the detonation will come ahead of the late Kim Chong-il's birthday, which falls on 16 February, to honor Kim Jong Un's father.

Other South Korean experts judge that 12 February is the most probable date because that is the date the US President will deliver the State of the Union. That date also is two days after the eighth anniversary...