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Dean as a courtesy to you please be informed that you sent your reply to the wrong person. Your reply has nothing to do with what I posted.
Kerry got a smaller PER CENTAGE of the black vote then Obama 88% versus 96%. Oh! and don't waste your time checking on Kerry. I give you my personal gaurantee that his is STILL a white man.
Yo! Sandy! What do you call a women in law school who needs $1000. worth of birth control a year? Ans. A very POPULAR girl on campus!!! Now that was an easy answer to figure out was'nt it? Yes,because it was the only ONE !
I think itis tragic that Obama could not have been our leader when you were of school age. You might have taken his advice and been able to think citically about the political and economic issues of today!
Now just why would we old white males put nooses out side our poling places?
...present author excluded. Now does'nt that reveal an inconvenient fact? ...male blabber about rape? Clumsy would be a better word but the real point is that ANY lax phrasing concerning reproductive "rights" will be seized upon and turned into an enormity BY THE MEDIA. An effective way to gain power over another person or group in todays society is to control their speech by making inordinate demands on it. Don't fall for this noose which will only get tighter until you can't speak at all.
No white man will get the vote of the minority communities black, hispanic or asian. We can no longer deny the subtle yet profound anti white male racism in this country. Despite the fact of a profound change in racial attitudes of white men it has only served to embolden and bring to the fore the anti white attitudes of minorities. This has manifested itself in so many ways you would be blind not to see it. In a way it was inevitable since for human nature, as it is, revenge is forever. In our victorian like, political correct society, most white people would deny this but deep down we know it is true. I hate to say this but political and social decisions of whites (paticularly white men)should at least consider this state of affairs.
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