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Obamanomics: More Ride in the Wagon

The March Hare Wrote: Jul 14, 2012 8:49 AM
Soon they will do away with handicaped parking and create several unhandicaped parking spaces at the far end of the parking lots.
June brought the perfect encapsulation of the Obama economy: More Americans signed up for disability benefits than got jobs. According to government statistics, 80,000 Americans found work last month, while 85,000 dropped out of the labor force altogether to collect Social Security Disability payments.

It is possible that an unusual number of Americans have become disabled during President Obama's tenure -- but if so, what does that say about the virtues of Obamacare? In any case, though, Obama promised that unemployment would not top 8 percent if we passed the stimulus law -- and though he predicted that the unemployment rate would...