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Obama strategist sees Republican 'reign of terror' in Congress

tma_sierrahills Wrote: Apr 22, 2012 10:31 AM
"implacable group of Republicans" had blocked any possibility of immigration reform. In other word, most congressional Republicans oppose another cowardly, nearly criminal amnesty, although the Republican leadership is blocking any vote on E-Verify, so they are not much better than Pelosi and Reid. On the other hand, when a White House that hands out weapons to Mexican drug cartels talks about a Republican "reign of terror," it is hard not to laugh.

By Bill Trott

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Republicans in the U.S. Congress are under a "reign of terror" imposed by the party's conservative wing that also has pushed presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney to the right, President Barack Obama's senior campaign strategist said on Sunday.

David Axelrod, in an interview on CNN's "State of the Union" program, cited the Obama administration's plans for immigration reform as an example of Republican intransigence in Congress.

The political process in Washington should not be "monolithic opposition to everything the chief executive wants to do as a political strategy," Axelrod...

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