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No More "Mr. Obama Is a Nice Guy"

tma_sierrahills Wrote: Apr 22, 2012 1:37 AM
"He called critics of his amnesty policies 'enemies' who needed to be 'punished by Latino voters because they were not 'the kinds of folks who represent our core American values.'" This is why some say our ruling elites practice "soft totalitarianism," and Bush II was not much different, making us bleed to death in two unnecessary wars while working for 8 years to legalize our invaders. As for McCain, how could a war hero be oblivious to his own nation being invaded? It is as if a majority of white people have contracted some sort of evolutionary autoimmune disease that makes it fashionable for them to want to see the demise of their own great-grandchildren. And the trick is to be evil while looking "nice."
Memo to scientists: Shut up your PhD holes! If the past is any prologue, access to more water under dry parts of Africa will only be used to further pump up overpopulation and its wars over resources, until those populations are dependent on that extra water as it starts running out again, multiplying the devastation of the future population crashes many fold. Also, as in the US, water aquifers usually serve some environmental purpose, so when you start draining them, there are unintended consequences.
Okay, but this sounds more like an editorial blurb. Couldn't the TL at least quote few of these "many GOP insiders" and provide some other evidence. Not doubting it, but it is supposed to be a "News" story. (Disregard this if the article goes beyond the three short paragraphs I see, because ever since AT&T switched me over to their wonderful U-Verse Internet system, my system, including non-operational printers, is out of whack.)
Is this un-ID'd photo of the teacher?
Young women dressing up as nuns at parties hosted by Silvio Berlusconi were just playing a "burlesque game" Meanwhile the head of the GSA, Convention Party Division, is saying, "Why didn't WE think of that!"
"worst scandal in modern times for the agency tasked with protecting the U.S. president and other senior officials and figures." Previously when we heard that Secret Service Agents always wear protection, we thought they were talking about armaments.
Also included in the artifacts, which can be found about halfway through the museum's tour led by a cyborg Al Sharpton, is the "Racist Devil Wall," displaying lists of notable racists, ranging from anyone involved in the old television show "Amos and Andy," to everyone thought to have voted against President Obama in 2008. A few important exhibits, like a stuffed likeness of Thomas Jefferson and Dolly Madison, are on loan from the SPLC's American Hate-Group Museum, a multi-storied complex that covers an area equal to 17 football fields, but is undergoing a needed expansion. The expansion has been delayed, however, because, according to the SPLC's spokesperson, "The first five contractors hired for the job turned out to be listed in our...
"Cockfighting is illegal in Texas, but the rooster battles remain common along the Texas-Mexico border" And don't forget to "Celebrate (forever increasing) diversity!"
"A former Venezuelan judge has accused President Hugo Chavez and other government and military officials of seeking to manipulate court cases in the country." This is very troubling. Would these be Venezuelan state courts? Who does this banana republic Chavez guy think he is? Holder? Obama?!
"A convicted murderer and another inmate remained at large Wednesday night after escaping" A murderer escaping from prison should automatically trigger a retroactive death penalty. It is a cry for help, and the death penalty will humanely end his lack of adjustment to incarceration.
"missile capable of reaching deep inside China and Europe" This will come in handy the next time India is attacked by China and Europe. On a cruel note, the Indian government sent a invitation to their Successful Missile Launch Party to the President of North Korea.
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