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Africa sitting on sea of groundwater reserves

tma_sierrahills Wrote: Apr 20, 2012 10:20 AM
Memo to scientists: Shut up your PhD holes! If the past is any prologue, access to more water under dry parts of Africa will only be used to further pump up overpopulation and its wars over resources, until those populations are dependent on that extra water as it starts running out again, multiplying the devastation of the future population crashes many fold. Also, as in the US, water aquifers usually serve some environmental purpose, so when you start draining them, there are unintended consequences.

By Chris Wickham

LONDON (Reuters) - Huge reserves of underground water in some of the driest parts of Africa could provide a buffer against the effects of climate change for years to come, scientists said on Friday.

Researchers from the British Geological Survey and University College London have for the first time mapped the aquifers, or groundwater, across the continent and the amount they hold.

"The largest groundwater volumes are found in the large sedimentary aquifers in the North African countries Libya, Algeria, Egypt and Sudan," the scientists said in their paper.

They estimate that reserves of groundwater across the...