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Resurrecting Supernaturalism

tlynn Wrote: Feb 16, 2015 7:44 PM
This is South Korea. These mothers could easily have had abortions. They solved their problem without killing their children. Perhaps agencies like Planned Parenthood are not so strong in S. Korea. Or, there is still a stigma attached to abortion. In any case, lives are being saved. And that's good. It's never fair to punish the innocent.
That, and Terri Schuavo.
Good work bringing facts to the table. I think all participants discovered that you had them outgunned.
"But that which is not used here WILL be shipped overseas to China and India." That caught my eye. Is it really all about India and China? What does it cost to ship U.S. coal to China? Is it competitive with coal shipped to China from other countries?
" Instead, they effectively prevented conservative voices from speaking out on campus, and have made their university's history look like it only protects liberalism." I wouldn't be so quick to throw in the towel. The College Republicans may have a few tricks up their sleeves. There may be other sources of money. Where are the conservative 'heavy hitters' when you need them?
Weiner is his own worst enemy. This confrontation was an opportunity to admit his past transgressions, to come clean, and to ask for a second chance. Instead, he tried to deny this man's right to judge him, based on his past behavior. Is he pretending that his past no longer matters? Maybe.
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