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Those are catch and release numbers giving no credence to any number deported even though they claim deported status. Status is a bunch of liars that took an oath and perjured themselves and a congress that will do nothing to stop it. These are the facts.
If we wait a week or two will Fox News change up on it's view of illegals to those of immigrant workers that have been denied citizenship? Once your views move and adjust the position to gay marriage then down the road of argument again we go and you will adjust your views because your feet stand in sand. This argument exist because you accept the idea that anything can get married and that God doesn't exist in the same swoop of your arm giving way to prosecute Christians for their views of religion with the same disrespect as Obama does toward Catholics. In the end Fox News was nothing but a meant to be failure that has disappointed the masses.
Obama flipped, flopped before he flip flopped. Then lied for two weeks about letting 4 Americans die. Who's the liar and who's your daddy? Do you even know?
There is nothing liberals can say or do that hasn't already been performed by the wall street liberal jerks that were arrested. Most liberals are jerks and or liars. You must cheat, steal and break the law because it is who you are. The best part of you became a brown spot on the mattress. Obama reflects the liberal party as he and his administration lied for two weeks to the people but libtards have no problem with it because you have an IQ of forty and should all be entitled to a free rubber room. Idiots.
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Pastor to Taunt IRS Over Free Speech

tlucas Wrote: Oct 06, 2012 11:16 AM
Rev. Wright has had his turn. It's only a separation question when conservative pastors rise to voice their opinion. When it's a liberal calling from the pulpit there are no separation questions. We are losing this country to the lazy entitlement crowd. We were not a lazy country but we are about to become verydysfunctionall with a liberal win. We aredysfunctionall noe because Obama wishes to collapse the economy into a government controlledenvironmentt. How stupid is that? Government does nothing well, particularly this government. They want a whole lot of what doesn't work from a small scale to one that doesn't work at all. We have gotten a taste of it already. I'm ready to throw up. Just makes me ill.
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Blown Media Calls Send Warning on November

tlucas Wrote: Jul 04, 2012 10:58 AM
70% to date doesn't want a tax disguised as a health care bill and presented first as a mandate or penalty then illegally passed just to be deemed as a tax. Then compounded by an idiot that argued for the administration and did so in liberal fashion by talking out of both sides of his mouth and continued in liberal fashion by making no sense whatsoever. Not only could we do better as a nation by having a fifth grader run it but replace the supreme court with fifth graders. Never has this country been run by such an elite group of idiots. Fox news failed at tip off. So what. With the mountain of failures from the alphabet companies do not report news at least we get a smell of what's happening whereas many had never got the story fast& fur
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