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The New Colossus

tlswank Wrote: May 16, 2012 9:06 PM
Mr. Payne: Why don't you run for office? For all of those saying that conservatives won't vote for a black man, such as Obama, you should understand that we'll vote for such as yourself. I don't care about the "color." I care about the character. Right now, our so-called "black" president isn't even from African American stock. He's a left winger of the worst sort, and is also allied with Islam. And in any debate, you'll tear the hide off any "liberal." Yes, I'll vote gladly for the right black/female, whomever. I just won't vote for the anti-American ones.
pinenee Wrote: May 16, 2012 9:56 PM
tiswankj, remember the saying first time on me, second time no way. This is it, American black citizens can't and will never again vote for a black person for any office that the American "white culture" controls. Serious seriously, American will return to a "white nation" either in 12 or 16. Just don't need to prevent the "white culture" from returning as far back into the pass, American traditional values.
If you are wondering why the American economy can't get it in gear, it's because we are constantly being chased to the sidelines. The fabulously organized effort that sees a Vice President slip (how did same sex even become a topic that Sunday on Meet the Press) and then a President fess up (evolve means the winds changed enough to pay homage to his constituents plus there are more bonuses) to an article of how mean Mitt Romney was in boarding school for cutting the locks off a (supposedly) homosexual classmate. Everyone outside of old white folks that believe in God...
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