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Democraps are also crying "voter suppression" because they desperately need to get the black vote out this time. One of the best ways to ensure a high black voter turnout is to get them agitated about the so-called "voter suppression" efforts against them !
They did NOT stipulate that they knew of no voter fraud in OTHER STATES . . . they merely chose not to provide any examples of fraud in their presentation to the court. Legislatures are NOT required to show evidence of criminal activity before they pass laws regulating criminal activity !
ACORN was prosecuted in more than 10 states for engaging in massive voter fraud. It involved tens of 1,000's of falsified voter registrations and applications for absentee ballots. Various prosecutors from across the nation have sent dozens of Democraps to prison for voter fraud since 2004. Look it up for yourself - before you post what are clearly partisan lies !
Not from MOST jurisdictions with a Democrap prosecutor, sadly. However, the AG in Nevada, an honest Democrat, successfully prosecutted several of the ACORN voter fraud workers there, much to his credit !
Washington was where the Democraps learned to withhold "final certification" of voting results until after the Republican-majority counties had already certified their results. Then, miraculously, the Democraps needed to do a recount, over and over, until they came up with enough new votes to overcome the Republicans' totals. So, commit voter fraud = Win the election ! Even the Democraps are smart enough to learn how to do that !
Amen . . . But don't accuse them of voter fraud just because they feel entitled to cast an extra vote or two. . . or ten. . . or however many they want to ! ! !
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