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Rahm Emanuel to Bully Banks Into Cutting Off Gun Companies

tkdblk Wrote: Jan 25, 2013 1:24 PM
Ok, clown boy, just because you are part of the Chicago culture, don't think that you can keep trying to play the Godfather part forever. It won't fly. It's just a movie. Wishing and hoping won't make it real.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns and the guy in charge of the gun controlled murder capitol of America, is planning to pressure banks into cutting off their business with firearms manufactures according to POLITICO:

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, moving to take a lead role in the gun control debate, is turning up the pressure on banks that do business with firearms manufacturers.

Emanuel is sending letters to two major financial institutions, TD Bank and Bank of America, which offer lines of credit to gun makers suggesting that...