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5 Senate Races to Watch for GOP Success

tkdblk Wrote: Jun 08, 2013 11:52 AM
Another one is South Dakota. Sen. Tim Johnson is finally retiring. Votes with Obama all the way. It comes from the culture that he comes from, the eastern part of the state could easily be called West Minnesota, with all that comes with it. Many of us who live in the west part of the state, Mount Rushmore, Black Hills wish that the dividing line between the states should have been north and south with the border at the Missouri river. In the same way, western Nebraska, western North Dakota are much more culturally aligned with Wyoming, Montana, Western Colorado, etc. I can't believe it will be a close race with whoever the Republicans and Democrats nominate, but depending on how east and west comparatively vote, it actually could be close. Just read that 9 counties in northeastern Colorado want to secede. Hmmmm. NE Colorado, (not Denver, Boulder) although I love the Broncos, west Nebraska, west South Dakota and west ND. Lots of oil reserves, better scenery in the Black HIlls than the Rockies. Oh wait, lets just do it but keep it a secret. We like it that way, don't necessarily want to be discovered.