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Cypress Fairbanks in NW Houston has an amazing Special Education program I can vouch for with two autistic and one mentally retarded son receiving excellent education and care from.
Me 5...or 6 or whatever we are up to now. ;)
As one who voted for him and encouraged everyone I knew (and strangers that would stop and listen a moment), you are quite welcome!
While George Soros is indeed scum, please stop spreading the BS about him being involved in owning gun/ammo companies as it is completely false: http://www.nraila.org/223471 http://www.factcheck.org/2011/10/george-soros-gun-grab/
According to Holder, it is an undue burden along the lines of a poll tax to expect the "minorities" to pay out for supporting documents (birth certificate/etc) and travel long distances to acquire the free state issued ID's that are offered. Must suck to be such a vunnable that this is considered an outrageous difficulty. Now I see why they just continue sitting in front of their 52" LCD TV's watching cable and Redbox rentals or playing $60 XBox 360 Games and wearing $200 shoes instead.
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