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Subverting Democracy to Subsidize Billionaires

TJS Wrote: Mar 17, 2013 1:54 PM
Arming children at birth... perhaps that would be a solution, @poorgrandchildren, then they could just take what they want and never have to produce anything to get it !!! Gotta love a well armed child and classroom. I notice you say "defense alone is not working"...Thank you very much Mr. Bush for your comment. That aggression thing has worked so well recently, while we reinvest nothing in our production infrastructure. But hey, when 20+% of Isr-ael GDP is war equipment, like drone hardware...well Mr. Bush er Natyahoo, let me sign that credit card as fast as I can.

There are needs and there are wants. And then there are priorities.

A crippled child or a victim of crime has needs, while no doubt some people fervently want a bike path built or a brand new sports arena.

That’s where priorities enter the picture.

What are the needs, wants, priorities and responsibilities in Sacramento, California’s capital?

First, the city is presently $2 billion in debt — roughly $5,000 per resident. Half of that goes for pensions and health benefits for retired workers. Much of the...

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