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Obama's Divide the GOP and Conquer Strategy

TJS Wrote: Jan 29, 2013 11:09 AM
From wiki..."Neoconservatism is a branch of American conservatism that includes endorsement of political individualism, free markets and the assertive promotion of democracy, progressivism and United States national interest in international affairs including by military means". Bill means it as an insult.

Obama has figured out how to force his left wing agenda through even though he was reelected with a divided country. He cherry picks issues which divide the Republican Party. The Republican Party ends up fighting within itself, diverting the public's attention to its chaos rather than Obama's agenda. The Republican Party is left looking unprincipled, confused and hypocritical.

Look at the most recent high-profile political battles. With the help of the complicit liberal media, Obama made extending the payroll tax cut to avoid the “fiscal cliff” one of the biggest issues. It is not a clear-cut Republican versus Democrat issue,...