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Unholy Trio: Gun Control, the UN and Obama

tjordan Wrote: Nov 21, 2012 12:30 PM
GUNS = CRIME. USA has highest crime rate in the world and highest gun ownership in the world. I rest my case.
srich Wrote: Nov 23, 2012 1:39 PM
Chicago has the toughest gun laws in American and the highest murder rate in the nation. Maybe you should seek another cause.
Edward570 Wrote: Nov 23, 2012 6:39 AM
We have higher crime rates because we have a larger minority population who were so used to the government stealing from one class and handing it to them they decided to just steal it themselves.
rlute Wrote: Nov 22, 2012 5:54 PM
you it a gun,knife,brick,rock,baseball bat,tire iron.......
MudontheTires Wrote: Nov 21, 2012 10:30 PM
GUNS = CRIME. USA has highest crime rate in the world and highest gun ownership in the world. I rest my case.

You ARE a case, you mindless prog.
bhirsh Wrote: Nov 21, 2012 5:29 PM
Such ignorance isn't deserving of a meaningful reply.
Jay Wye Wrote: Nov 21, 2012 2:57 PM

USA does NOT have the "highest crime rate" in the world. Not even close.
Phil653 Wrote: Nov 21, 2012 8:20 PM
Don't waste your breath. "tjordan" has been, in KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov's terms, "demoralized." That's the first of four stages of the KGB's process of brainwashing a nation. In Bezmenov's words, "once a person has been demoralized, they will belive nothing no matter what kind of proof or evidence you have." According to Bezmenov, demoralization of the United States population was mostly complete in1985. He said it was amazing how fast it was accomplished. See: Bezmenov on demoralization in America -
Original Saepe__Expertus Wrote: Nov 21, 2012 2:23 PM
DEAR "REST" your case? You never MADE ONE. About as close as you got was to imply that the very existence of firearms causes crime; this is akin to saying that matches cause ARSON. Did you forget something?

YES...the INTENT of an individual. Beyond this, I will NOT attempt to educate you further, as that would be a COMPLETE waste of time.
Luscious Lars Wrote: Nov 21, 2012 2:13 PM
the only case you have is a case of illogical thought processes eminating from your ill functioning cranium.
We are protected to some extent by our own Second Amendment. We are protected the rest of the way by our own arms, as it should be in any free country where protecting the liberties of "The People" is the highest priority of the government and it's agents.

Welcome to President Obama's second term, America - that special place where ridiculousness replaces raison d'etre, and presidents give us things like gun control a' la United Nations.

Obviously, Obama understood he would never get the support needed for a gun control bill from Congress, so the astute Constitutional professor chose to skirt around the Constitution by signing on to the United Nations (UN) Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) shortly after his re-election. Liberals certainly know how to get what they want, ethics aside. Remember in 2010, when former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi described how liberals would circumvent the electorate...