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Good points. As for people believing in anything, no one does it better than those who insist on a literal interpretation of the Bible. One has to suspend rational thought to believe in talking snakes, virgin births, resurrection from death, or that Noah lived until age 950. If someone is not credulous and therefore doesn't believe in magic or the supernatural, it does not mean that they will believe in anything. On the contrary, it means that they don't accept things for which there is no evidence and are quite unlikely to "believe in anything."
This article is absurd. People who have first trimester miscarriages don't ask for options as to what should be done with the products of conception, which often don't include a fetus, just placental tissue. Many women miscarry in the toilet. They don't retrieve the tissue and have a burial service, which would be very costly. All hospitals treat first trimester productions of conception as "clinical waste."
Jefferson was a Christian in the sense that he believed that Christian philosophy had a lot to offer. His beliefs differed from most other Christians in that he didn't believe in the magical or supernatural events associated with Jesus. He specifically deleted the miraculous actions attributed to Jesus in his Jefferson Bible. I would doubt that most Christians ( who do believe that the laws of nature can be suspended) would consider Jefferson a real Christian.
How do you reconcile this gentleness and love with the idea (if you take the Bible literally), of God wiping out every human on Earth except Noah and his family. Surely not every one killed was wicked. Thousands of children and innocent babies would have been killed. Does the good that God does elsewhere in the Bible make this all ok? Even if you take this story figuratively as a myth, it cannot be considered a positive message.
I guess you are right. The question is unanswerable.
If one reads the Old Testament, God is a "mean, old petulant deity," not to mention a jealous, vindictive, genocidal one . Does one just ignore the Old Testament, or just tell your children that God got a "do-over" and became more enlightened? How are children not supposed to get confused when even theologians can't agree on the nature of God.
Marijuana prohibition is a lost cause and it makes sense not to continue prosecuting people for marijuana possession. Brown, however, makes an excellent point about unrestricted legalization; That it would result in advertising and potentially more widespread use. By the way, I'm a Californian who voted against Brown.
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The Myth of 'Traditional Marriage'

tizonlymoney Wrote: Feb 09, 2014 6:05 PM
According to the Bible, God clearly condones polygamy, do you?
I don't deny the possibility that global warming may be occurring, whether man-made or natural. What makes the alarmists lose credibility and exposes their political agenda is that they don't encourage nuclear power as an important solution. All energy options involve benefits and risks. If catastrophe from global warming is truly imminent, wouldn't it be prudent to accept the risk of nuclear energy as being much preferable to the consequences of global warming? Surely we can't meet our energy needs with wind and solar power, if we give up on fossil fuels. The Al Gores of the world have shown that they really aren't serious and are only concerned with their own political agenda and financial enrichment.
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