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The problem is man's various interpretations of God's will through religion, which is man-made. Every religion has its own OPINION of what is true and view other sects as being untrue. Thus muslims, christians, jews, hindus, etc., all disagree with what is true. There is even disagreement among christians as to what is right or wrong. God may have bombarded mankind with the truth, perhaps man's religion has blinded him from discovering what that truth is.
Oral contraceptives today are of much lower dose than when they were originally developed and for most women are very safe.
You are uninformed. It remains safer to be on the pill than to become pregnant. Not only do women still die in pregnancy, but maternal deaths have actually been INCREASING lately. (Obstetrics and Gynecology 2015;125:5-12.) The pill reduces the risk of ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer without increasing breast cancer risk. It can alleviate heavy painful periods and clearly is an excellent form of birth control. The study mention above is retrospective, a relatively weak study design; but even if the association were true, it would be a 50% increase in incidence of a rare tumor.
Schultz is inadvertently acknowledging that Reagan was instrumental as a catalyst in the downfall of the Soviet Union. Many liberals insist that it was only internal economic pressures that caused the downfall and that Reagan's speech and policies were meaningless.
Criticism of president's vacation is just a "tit-for-tat" thing. Presidents have the toughest job in the world whether they are Democrats or Republicans, and should get leisure time. The reality is, that they do plenty of work wherever they are and never truly "get away." My biggest criticism of Obama playing golf is that he is not reputed to be particularly adept at it. The leader of the free world should carry no worse than a 10 handicap. He needs to spend more time practicing his short game.
You might be right. This decision opens up a big can of worms in allowing companies to impose their religious views on employees and could create a myriad of problems for the ACA. But be careful what you wish for unless you are impressed with the way the VA system is run.
I don't suppose you have a problem with Roe vs. Wade, then.
The student did not completely waste Mike Adam's time. She gave him material for an entire column. He should be more appreciative.
Good points. As for people believing in anything, no one does it better than those who insist on a literal interpretation of the Bible. One has to suspend rational thought to believe in talking snakes, virgin births, resurrection from death, or that Noah lived until age 950. If someone is not credulous and therefore doesn't believe in magic or the supernatural, it does not mean that they will believe in anything. On the contrary, it means that they don't accept things for which there is no evidence and are quite unlikely to "believe in anything."
This article is absurd. People who have first trimester miscarriages don't ask for options as to what should be done with the products of conception, which often don't include a fetus, just placental tissue. Many women miscarry in the toilet. They don't retrieve the tissue and have a burial service, which would be very costly. All hospitals treat first trimester productions of conception as "clinical waste."
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