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Newsom Turns a New Leaf on Marijuana

tito18 Wrote: May 23, 2013 9:35 PM
Great, let's legalize pot, tax it, and we can all breathe easier once we are stoned. Just throw in the towel. Forgive me for being so cynical, but seeing friends smoke themselves into oblivion, unemployment, failed marriages, and poor health is not something to root for in this day and age when we condemn alcoholism, smoking cigarettes, and drug abuse, legal or illegal. Of course, politicos like Newsome have to be cutting edge and hip. Of course, he will run when Jerry Brown leaves, and if he wins, California will deserve the consequences of his policies. Let me also say the medical marijuana's purpose of alleviating pain is understandable, but I question the wisdom of legalizing it for recreational purposes where everyone just lights up and trips out.