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As a Republican, morally I am for life, anti-abortion, and for marriage between a man and woman. Many Americans do not believe in my moral stance on these issues. I respect their right to believe other than I do. I would prefer the Party believe as I do, but stress that the will of the people and respect for courts is to be honored. This is a democracy, and if people support gay marriage and abortion, the Party should acknowledge the will of the People . However, over time, I hope to convince others that my moral position is to be preferred because it is the right moral stance to take on these issues.....
Look at the makeup of these liberal elites. From where do they come, go to school and live. They perceive themselves intellectuals and above the riff raft. Everyone not laterally connected are inferior and beneath them in intellect and socially. Look at their education. So many come from the Ivy League schools and Harvard and Yale in particular. In one of their first classes as freshmen, they studied Plato's "Republic." Plato demeans democracy and the common man. He believes in an intellectual aristocracy which must lead politically and socially. These elites believe this to be true and they believe they are the chosen ones to lead. Anyone stopping them must be maligned (Harry Truman) or pushed out of the way. They lack humility and respect for others....Now, they have done a great job of messing up our society. So now what?
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The Goal of Obama's Foreign Policy

tito18 Wrote: Nov 26, 2013 10:03 PM
The ancient prophets proclaimed that Israel mistakenly relied on Egypt for protection. Today we find that Israel has relied on the US for protection and support just as it did in ancient times when it relied on Egypt. President Obama promised to stand side by side with Israel as it faced danger from Iran and Iran's proxies. Obama is now showing his true intentions by abandoning Israel and seeking Iran's favor. Israel now stands alone and isolated because Obama can care less for Israel. We have become a nation that is untrustworthy and Obama is responsible.
Unions served society when it fought for better labor and working conditions. Improving wages and benefits were great achievements for the workingman. However, when unions took over the government sector and started buying politicians they overstepped their boundaries. Too many communities are now saddled with bloated pension bills and there is no relief in sight. Bearing the brunt will be the local city government feeding the pension beast at the expense of services like police and fire protection, maintaining streets and providing other necessary services.
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Cheney Goes Fishing for a Senate Seat

tito18 Wrote: Sep 24, 2013 10:47 PM
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Pelosi's Rocky Road to Peace in Damascus

tito18 Wrote: Sep 05, 2013 6:58 PM
Debra, Pelosi doesn't understand what you mean by "rocky road." She thinks it is an ice cream flavor just like she thinks bombing Assad's assets will make a difference. It won't. She just doesn't look real in hawk feathers.
When Californians move to Texas, they engage in the "Californication" of Texas, which means Texans get screwed. Texans don't want the corrupting do-gooders, high taxes, and big nanny liberals messing with Texas.
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Get Well Soon, Mayor Filner

tito18 Wrote: Jul 28, 2013 10:29 PM
The mayor is not sick, he is just perverted and full of lust. Of course in our new secular world, no one is evil, no one is responsible for bad behavior, people like the mayor are just emotionally deprived and need of a few adjustments in the brain which a couple weeks of therapy can cure. Before "therapy" became our new religion and our modern instrument of healing, the mayor would have been treated by an exorcist.
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What's Wrong With the News

tito18 Wrote: Jul 28, 2013 10:21 PM
Instant news is demanded. Short cuts are inevitable and mistakes will be made. Scoops are expected from reporters and good reporters are those who carefully check and double check their stories and sources. Unfortunately, reporters under the gun of a deadline will risk mistakes rather than delay a story. Make a mistake and risk getting canned. Fail to scoop the competition and risk getting canned. Tough business.
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Obama Is No Fool on Syria

tito18 Wrote: Jun 18, 2013 6:07 PM
At the beginning of this civil war, Obama and Hillary declared that Assad must go. Well, Assad is stronger today than 2 years ago because Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and others have entered the fray while we sit on the sidelines. Frankly, it is too late to act forcefully in Syria. If we wait long enough, the Middle East will implode and Obama will appear wise and his policy successful. He will win by default. However, I prefer a president and leader who speaks softly and carries a great big stick that he or she is not afraid to use.
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