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America's Greece

tito18 Wrote: Jun 13, 2012 4:07 PM
Progressive dogma is the dogma of a religious cult demanding blind loyalty, loud hosannas for its priests in the legislature and its pope, Jerry Brown, who promise a temporal heaven created on the backs of taxpayer and unbelievers like Republicans, which is a small minority in California. These fervent believers will not be ousted until the state is broke. Then those living in California will have to sift through the rubble to see how its faith deceived them and destroyed the promised land.

In California, the mayor of a major city has decided that it's time to renegotiate union pensions, which are bankrupting the municipality; more specifically, he wants to raise the retirement age. The governor of the state wants to revamp the welfare system, forcing people to get back to work within two years rather than four. The state government has worked with the California Highway Patrol to implement furloughs amounting to a 5 percent pay cut. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Unified School District has forced teachers unions to accept 10 furlough days, amounting to a 5 percent pay cut.

Here's the crazy...