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This paragraph is entirely what concerns me: "He did take a dig at "people killing weapons," but instead of suggesting a ban on them, he suggested they be held in an armory controlled by the NRA, not the government. " Why should the NRA hold our guns in an armory. As soon as this happened, the government would take over the NRA. Libs are sneaky.
Proves to me the intent was not to insure but to gather as much data as they can on a person and then make sure they get a voter card to start voting Democrat for their free healthcare and free Obamaphone.
This is all theater with the media anymore and they same with our government. I could care less except they are making you and I pay for their fun and games. Sickening and totally disgusting.
There is so much lacking in Terry McAuliffe's leadership ability as well as his moral core, that I find it impossible to believe VIrginians could possible accept voting for him to be their Virginia's governor. McAuliffe's campaign money is coming from outside of Virginia and this is because McAuliffe has no ties to Virginia. He was going to run in Florida and then up north somewhere and lucky Virginia, he decided his best shot was Virgina. Well, I don't think so Clinton carpetbagger. Hopefully, Virginians will tell him to take a hike on election day.
Guy Benson should have been honest in his article and written as how the implementation of a program using 10 year old software was intentional so that what is happening, occurred. This will only speed up the call for and implementation of a single payer system. This was Obama's intent and he wants if done before he is out of office. He is getting greedy with time and wants his signature legacy, Healthcare Socialism, implemented while he is still C-I-C.
When Greenspan was Fed Chairman, it seems people couldn't fawn over him enough and now all we hear is how rotten he was.
When I want to withdrawal my money from a bank, credit union or the financial company that handles my 401K, I don’t have to apply 3+ months in advance to get my money. One call to any of these financial entities and within a day or so I either have a check in the mail or my funds electronically deposited into my bank account. Plus there is no reduction of my contributed funds as was proposed in President Obama’s budget which focuses on tinkering with the COLA calculation as a means to slow down the cost of the Social Security over the next decade. The proposal would replace the current measure of inflation (a consumer price index for wage earners, or CPI-W) with one called “chained CPI,” which the government has only been calculating since 2002. However, what would be the net effect of this change on retirees? According to the Center for Economic and Policy Research, the switch to chained CPI could reduce benefits for the average worker who retires at age 65 by about $650 per year by age 75, and by over $1,100 per year by age 85. And if a retiree receives a defined benefit pension, a social security reduction affects them in two ways because all pensions include in their calculation formula an offset reduction of the pension against what was assumed in the future you would receive from social security. Therefore, if your social security is now going to be reduced from the pension assumption in the past, your pension should have been higher than what you are currently receiving. This is something that is always ignored and never mention when speaking of social security reductions. In addition to Social Security reductions being cited again, the baby boomer generation is not earning any interest on their savings, so to speak, with rates below 1%. How much does our government expect the baby boomer generation to give? Also, we all know that the government rate of inflation does not include food and energy costs which have sky-rocketed. The Social Security ponzi scheme seems to have run its course.
Thanks for refreshing everyone's memory TN Lady. Bush was Right, AGAIN!
I worked with a black man who didn't participate in our company's 401K plan with a matching 4% by the employer. When I asked him why he wasn't enrolled, he stated his minister of his church told the congregation they shouldn't enroll in these plans as they were schemes. A few years later, we were being out-sourced and he and I were speaking and he mentioned then that he had just enrolled in our company's 401K plan a few months back. The point is that many times within the black community, the so-called leaders of the blacks mislead them. The only reason I could think that a minister would tell his congregation this was because the minister was fearful that church donations might decline is a person was contributing to their 401K plan. I guess my co-worker figured out too late that he was being mislead but I never asked him what changed his mind about participating because I was so shocked about how much this man had lost out due to his own community misleading him.
This is why I quit volunteering and giving to the GOP. I may vote for the lesser of the two evils but we are truly lacking any intelligence in our Congress anymore. Are game-playing but the GOP don't even do that well.
I am so glad to see someone write an article to address the baloney that the generations after the baby boomers have been fed by the schools, Hollywood and TV. I was happy to read some comments from mothers who have spoken to their daughters about being intimate with a man and how you will feel later if it is done as a one-night stand or without meaning. I feel so sad for young ladies these days that have been misled by the liberals to feel that they should be having sex, being the aggressor as well as don't have feelings of being used later. Sex many times for young people is different for women than it is for a bunch of young, college or high school boys. Men can walk away and feel like the stud whereas women feel used. This hasn't changed and never will. Men still call girls that "give it up" easily s-l-u-t and other names behind their back once they have used them. It would be nice if fathers spoke to their daughters as well as the mothers, even if it is embarrassing for the dads and daughters. It doesn't have to be a big sex lecture. Just a few simple sentences. My father was a man of few words but two things he told me stuck in my mind to this day. "Be kind to people" and the other was "You can't always control everything in life". These simple phrases stay with me and come to mind when they are needed to get over bumps in life. So dads, just say "Susie, I know how men are, so don't give yourself up easily" or "Susie, love yourself first and a man will later find you and love you also". Since girls look up to their fathers and usually marry men like their dads, it doesn't take a lecture, just a few sentences.
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