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All the libs that are spewing online that this ebola was started by Republicans needs to be informed of this info. Why in the world would the Obama administration start doing this? It is one thing that we know he doesn't care for America but his entire administration? Which leads to the fact that we have to come to the reality that these evil Socialists are really evil Communists.
Now is a reporter would grill a Democrat, like Obama or the head of the CDC like this, we may be able to force them to stop the flights once people realize how stupid their arguments are. Is it really all about money and US lives are worth losing a penny? Something is up with this. like both political parties WANT ebola in the US. Sounds crazy but why would they kept up with such a flimsy argument. Something is rotten with our government leaders in both parties. No outcry from the GOP to stop flights. This is why I don't give to political parties anymore and I won't stand outside at the polling places giving out handouts anymore.
Typical hypocritical actions by the Democrats AGAIN.
Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi appears to have white skin and therefore, I believe is why President Obama or Eric Holder have no interest in helping him. Racists.
I was wondering how the GOP would be able to lose the coming election and I see they are working hard at it. Disaster in the making for the GOP. They appear to be no different than the Dems anymore.
Good bye GOP is you keep up with these tactics. John Boehner needs to go for the good of the GOP Party.
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Boomers vs. Millennials

Tired of DemWits Wrote: Sep 11, 2014 9:37 AM
The Boomers have paid into the system their entire lives and paid for the previous generation. I agree there is a problem to to state the Boomers are demanding more free stuff is in error. We paid into a promise from our government and due to the wasteful spending by the government, they are stating they can meet that demand on the taxes they are collecting today. I wish the elected politicians would take some responsibility for this mess and start by drastically reducing their spending on worthless programs we don't need and funding illegals that haven't paid into the system at all.
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Paul Ryan Has Answer for Ferguson

Tired of DemWits Wrote: Sep 01, 2014 11:13 AM
Stop paying for everything. A friend had a niece who got pregnant (no hubby) and when asked how she was going to have this baby without health insurance (this was about 5 years ago) the niece replied "I have the best free medical their is" referring to medicaid. Now the niece is on her second daddy-less baby, same health coverage. Giving people stuff like this doesn't help them to get out of poverty. People in the US know how to hide their money and qualify for the freebies and will do everything they can to hide under the minimum salary ($30,000 here) to keep on the doll. Stop the freebies and this will end quickly. So would our illegal immigration problems. But then politicians would lose some of their power and both political parties don't want that.
Star Parker and her articles are a breath of fresh air. Love the lady.
Excellent point tibby about Brown's reaction because he knew he had just robbed a store. Yes, it was robbery or theft or whatever term one uses. A lot we don't know yet but that didn't stop Sharpton or Jackson or sadly, our President and AG from stepping in. It would be nice if our president had tried to speak with Mexico on behalf of Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, who remains jailed in Mexico on gun charges, but .....
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