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Star Parker and her articles are a breath of fresh air. Love the lady.
Excellent point tibby about Brown's reaction because he knew he had just robbed a store. Yes, it was robbery or theft or whatever term one uses. A lot we don't know yet but that didn't stop Sharpton or Jackson or sadly, our President and AG from stepping in. It would be nice if our president had tried to speak with Mexico on behalf of Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, who remains jailed in Mexico on gun charges, but .....
The Democrat Legacy: Teach anyone that isn't white how to use the term "racism" whenever they don't like what a white person says to them. Even if it makes no sense, just throw it out there. I blame the parents though for not correcting their children to not use this name-calling when being corrected by a teacher. It is all so tiresome.
And of course, the interviewer Robin Roberts never mentioned to HillBill, the reason is the release of new emails that the Obama administration had previously withheld that shows the WH was involved with the made up video story. HillBill wouldnlt try to spew her lies on Fox New as she would at least get a follow-up to stupid, lying comments.
How people like Crist live with themselves, I will never understand.
Even Democrats won't support their President Obama's policies. This is a hoot. I thought this was the Party of the poor and working class. Thankfully, this didn't pass as prices would be rising faster than they already are. Inflation is rapidly increasing.
If the student hadn't taped this professor's political spew, the prof would still be spewing it. Thankfully, one student had the guts to come forward and put this out there. No other way to stop this insanity within the higher educational system except to out these professors that use a class for Democrat Party propogandizing.
Gay haters are ready to pounce on anyone that doesn't march lockstep with their agenda. They hate everyone and every thing that isn't gay or doesn't acquiesce to the gay mantra.
Americans have become such wussies. Can you imagine the WWII generation debating whether to waterboard the enemy to save lives? Would never happened? They were in a war to survive and win. We are also but you would never know it.
It shows how little the elitists such as Hillary Clinton care about the people working for the US government. No remorse for their inept leadership and in fact, Hillary has the nerve to probably run for the Democrat presidential ticket after we have seen the horrible job she did as SOS. Of course, one could always reply "What difference does it make now". (That statement is one I will never forget. What a slap to the American people and the men that lost their lives in Benghazi.
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