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When the feces hits the fan blades, and the Obama dictatorship attempts to squeeze the last breath out of our economy and our nation, people like Kendall will still be able to eat and survive, and all the screeching lefties will go out, not with a bang, but a whimper. Survival of the fittest.
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The Petulant President

Tired Mom Wrote: Jul 06, 2014 2:11 PM
Pride cometh before the fall. The problem is that when Obama finally falls he is going to take our entire country down with him.
My 16-year-old did that as well, traveling to a college to meet with a soccer coach about a possible spot on the college's team. She had a rough first leg on a regional jet, a long layover with a delay before the second leg, and was exhausted by the time she reached her destination. We could not swing two tickets so that mom or dad could go, too, so we sent her on this adventure alone, but surprised her with a first-class seat on the second leg of her journey. As she was sharing the craziness of the trip, and how tired she was, I said, "Yah, well, at least you had that nice first-class seat on the second leg of your journey!" And she responded: "No, I didn't. I gave up my seat to a soldier." I don't know if the college realizes what a good kid she is; I don't know if the soccer coach realizes what a good kid she is; but I thank The Lord for giving me SUCH a GOOD KID!
Ok NOW I get why feminazis recently attacked Judd Apatow. It seemed like such a random thing, but clearly Apatow has been on their hit list. Welcome to the world of leftism, Judd, where one minute you think you are in the popular crowd and the next minute you are being attacked by the popular crowd. There's no real reason for it, Judd. You were just unthinking enough to develop a sweet, life-loving storyline that made you a target. We cannot have sweet and life-loving. That's just out of the question.
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Progressives and the Unnecessary Lie

Tired Mom Wrote: Jun 15, 2014 12:36 AM
We're done. That's all I can say. I only wonder now if the end will be with a bang or a whimper. I'm going with whimper.
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Obama’s Legacy is Death

Tired Mom Wrote: Jun 02, 2014 8:08 AM
He understands it all very well. Early on, I thought Obama was either evil or stupid. Nowadays, I'm going with evil.
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The Politics of Personal Distraction

Tired Mom Wrote: Apr 13, 2014 10:00 AM
Ignorance is the hallmark of progressivism. My neighbor is so proud to call herself a progressive, from a very progressive family. Yet I'm convinced she has no idea what "progressive" means. She and her husband were thrilled when de Blasio won the mayoral seat in New York City. Why? Because he has a black wife. Not kidding. That was his sole credential, in their minds. That was the evidence they cited for me as to why they were happy de Blasio was elected. You can't make this stuff up!
Mike, you said something that raised the hair on the back of my neck: "...when the matter came up for a vote, the junior faculty rebelled and voted it down." Saw another article recently where layoffs at an American university pitted the older professors against the younger. Saw an article on a college site about how peeved university students (at least those who have a clue) are about debt, deficit, and NSA. What I see fomenting is a true rebellion among the young. Obama likely drools at the thought of another "victim class" to manipulate, but he doesn't understand this group will be coming for those in power, Dem and Repub alike.
You mean to tell me that Handel did not spend four years drinking herself into oblivion, smoking dope, asserting her feminist rights within the male construct of the patriarchy to screw every frat boy who would have her, allowing leftist professors to indoctrinate her and basically wasting time until she turned 21? Well, her opponent just made the case to vote for HER, not for HIM!
God feels everything. Your ability to feel anything came from Him. You were made in His image, and that means your emotional makeup. Happy? He feels it with you times infinity. Peeved? Yah He feels is way worse than you. Why would you be surprised that God has the ability to get hacked off, especially when his kids (you) turn their back on Him.
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