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State Grown Kids Always Fail

Tired in Texas Wrote: Apr 09, 2013 2:19 PM
When the left spouts about compassion and caring, their solution is to throw money at the problem. But it is not about money, it is about adults who sit down and read with their children, who walk them through the arithmetic problems, and who talk about the things that are happening in the world around them. Most of the money that the government gives to education ends up in the pockets of the teachers, administrators and unions. It doesn't buy textbooks, maps, and other reference materials.

Famed neurosurgeon surgeon, Dr. Ben Carson, looked like just another black academic failure in his pre and elementary school years. His writings show that he was so angry he would have stabbed a classmate, and so learning-disabled that even the greatest Special Ed teacher would not have been able to mainstream him. The solution to his non-achievement and a cure for his learning disability was not discovered by a government agency, an administrator or a crackerjack teacher. His deliverance came through the tenacity and commitment of his uneducated but God-fearing mother who refused to believe the limitations that everyone else in...