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Good for those young men! As a MOM (Mother of a Marine), I stand proudly with them. They did not take the flag from the protestors, they rescued it when it fell on the ground, which is a big no-no in flag etiquette. And they were under no obligation to return it to someone just because he said it was his.
Thank you Andy for your review of this movie and the real nature of God and Noah. It made so much more sense than John Hanlon's, who either doesn't know as much as he thinks he does about the Noah of Genesis or is as deluded as the majority of the population about what comes out of Hollywood.
Also "arrive" for "arriving" in par. 7. And the writer needs to use commas correctly.
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Standing at the Summit

Tired in Texas Wrote: Mar 28, 2014 3:23 PM
I hope the judge rules that you should be given full professorship, payment of all back pay of the difference between what you should have been paid and what you were actually paid, and that the UNC system will be required to pay your legal fees and costs. You have fought the good fight for freedom of speech and freedom of religion.
Rather, what should or should not be covered in a health insurance policy should be determined by the company providing the policy AND the person who is paying for it. I see no reason why I, as a 61 year old post-menopausal woman, should have have a medical insurance that covers birth control. Even worse, why should my husband, or any man for that matter, have to pay for insurance that covers birth control, unless it covers condoms and spermicide. Men certainly don't need oral contraceptives.
The medical/prescription insurance that HL was already offering its employees covered contraceptive medications. They do not have any problem with contraception. They do not, however, want to provide the 4 drugs that could possibly cause the abortion of a fertilized egg. HL doesn't put any restrictions on their employees about purchasing and using such drugs, just that HL believes that it goes against the Christian faith of the Company to provide them.
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Victory for Honest Elections

Tired in Texas Wrote: Mar 25, 2014 2:07 PM
At the age of 39, I got a certified copy of my birth certificate so that I could get a passport. After I let the passport expire, I couldn't find my birth certificate, so at age 55, I had to order new copies. Every state has a Records Department that you can write to and request one. There may be a charge (I think I paid $10 per copy), but it is well worth the money. Also, my husband just walked in to the County Courthouse in the County seat where he was born and requested two certified copies of his birth certificate. He filled out a form and paid the fees. We picked them up when we went back after lunch.
You do know that Jesus talked about hell far more than he talked about heaven, don't you?
How about being ashamed of asking for minimum wages or more when you don't have the skills or knowledge to do a job and don't want to learn.
My father spent 23 years in the Army -- through Korea and Viet Nam, and never killed anyone. My husband spent 5 years in the Air Force and never killed anyone. My daughter served 8 years in the USMC and never killed anyone. Serving in the military is not a license to kill. The Commandment says "You will not MURDER", NOT you will not kill. Protecting your country, your comrades, your family and yourself is not murder. You can only tell me what is Christlike if you know Jesus as your personal saviour. So, do you know Him as your personal saviour? If the answer is "No", then you need to find and accept Him as soon as possible.
When this fiasco was first passed by Congress, they assured us that this was NOT a tax. My question was, if it's not a tax, why is the IRS going to be in charge of collecting penalties. Then the SCOTUS told us the truth and ruled that it was a tax.
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