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Since Chick-Fil-A is a family-owned company, corporate donations are personal and family donations; all it takes if approval of their board, who are all family members and all share in that money. And who has the right to tell you where you can donate your own money. Oh, that would be the LGBT haters of the world. And you proved yourself to be a member of that group with your last paragraph.
Jews have been persecuted and outcasts since Abraham left Ur and traveled to the land that God had promised him. Because they followed a G-d who gave them strange dietary and worship laws, they were and are a people set apart from the rest of humanity. This is their blessing and their curse. Christians should remember the promise that G-d gave the Jews, to paraphrase, I will bless those who bless you and I will curse those who curse you. As long as the United States supports Israel, we will be blessed; when we turn from them (as we will), we will be cursed. Remember, the West (the US) is never mentioned in the Book of the Revelation of St. John. Why not? Because we will be inconsequential. All the action takes place centered around Israel. Why? Because that's where G-d's people are. Also, please remember that the Nazi holocaust did not only include the mass killings of Jews. Christians who protected the Jews, the mentally ill, the physically infirm, homosexuals, and people like the Gypsies who were considered racially inferior were also killed. The Nazis called it ethnic cleansing.
Maybe Snyder should change the mascot to a Mr. Peanut type of character. That way, his redskins have to do with agriculture, not supposed ethnic slurs. And bilken, did you know that the Seminole indian tribe is the ONLY American indian tribe that was not conquered by the US Government?
I am sure there are many men of Scots descent who are named Angus, and none of their parents were thinking about cows when they picked the name.
With friends like that, who needs enemies.
Well, if you put them in jail, they won't be living in their cars.
Intelligence and common sense are not always present at the same time.
Anything that gets passed by the House of Representatives will be blocked by the Senate thanks to Harry Reid. An executive order by Barack Obama could end this stupidity, but he won't issue one.
The fake followers of today are the fraudulent voters of November 2016.
Does anyone understand how many US dollars are added to a country's economy when a military installation is established? First there is the construction of the installation, which includes materials and manpower, then there are the foreign workers who do everything from janatorial work to groundskeeping work to food service to housekeeping. Why do you think US Congressmen complain when an installation in their jurisdiction is threatened with closure. Think about how much of a boost that would be to the Russian economy. And can you imagine the possibilities of being spied upon. After all, Putin is former (LOL) KGB.
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