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Punching the Duggars

Tired in Texas Wrote: Nov 07, 2014 12:18 PM
I am a staunch Conservative and a born again Christian, and I can proudly say that I have never watched an episode of "19 Kids & Counting" and, if I am lucky, I never will. As far as I can tell, this family's rise to fame was based on a complete lack of knowledge of birth control. There are welfare mothers who also pop kids out, almost upon demand, in order to increase their welfare subsidies, but no one wants to watch a TV show about them.
And Ted Cruz and Mike Lee.
"What was the president thinking?" The president was thinking that the MSM would not contradict his statements by reporting facts, if the facts made the president look bad. And he was thinking that most voters would be too lazy to look up and verify his statements. And he was right on both counts.
Ms. Ernst does not only look and sound really nice, there's a brain in that "pretty, little head". And I would love to see more women in office like Michelle Bachmann.
Remember that the original KKK was formed by Democrats after the end of the Civil War to keep the "negroes" subservient. They burned crosses and churches in order to intimidate the black population. So, if another black church burns, it won't be because people like Mr. NIger and Ms. King are trying to wake up the black community. It will be because the Democrats are once again trying to intimidate people. Of course, the black "community leaders" like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will blameit on the Republicans.
I eagerly wait for the election to be over and Abortion Barbie sliding back into obscurity. But wait, I heard a rumor that all this muckraking is her pathway to a slot on MSNBC.
This whole thing started because Mayor Porker and her cronies rammed a city ordinance through allowing anyhone who says he/she is transgendered to use any public bathroom they wanted to. The argument against this stupidity is that a straight rapist can say he is a she and wait in the public bathroom until a lone female comes in and become a vicim of this rapist. It wasn't only pastors, but thousands upon thousands of Houston citizens who signed a petition to get a referendum on the ballot. However, the corrupt city government threw out over 30,000 signatures as "irregular", so the ordinance remains in effect. A law suit was filed against the city of Houston, and the city responded by subpoenaing 5 pastors, men who weren't even parties to the law suit. This act, which is unConstitutional,is clearly an act of intimidation.
This article also outlines why "diversity" is a travesty. Most diversity records required by companies is to show the differences in nationality, gender, and religion, not to show the similarities. When I took diversity training as a Girl Scout leader, I went into the training knowing that I had 14 girls in my troop. When I came out, I had 4 Hispanics, 1 Oriental, 1 Black and 8 White girls.
If the school boards hadn't been seduced by the lure of federal monies, they would have said no to this program a long time ago. They want to have their cake and eat it, too (an apt comparison) by continuing to get government monies (which immediately goes into the trash can when the student won't eat the food) and serving food that the students will eat. You can't have it both ways. Get off the goverment teat.
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