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Maybe Snyder should change the mascot to a Mr. Peanut type of character. That way, his redskins have to do with agriculture, not supposed ethnic slurs. And bilken, did you know that the Seminole indian tribe is the ONLY American indian tribe that was not conquered by the US Government?
I am sure there are many men of Scots descent who are named Angus, and none of their parents were thinking about cows when they picked the name.
With friends like that, who needs enemies.
Well, if you put them in jail, they won't be living in their cars.
Intelligence and common sense are not always present at the same time.
Anything that gets passed by the House of Representatives will be blocked by the Senate thanks to Harry Reid. An executive order by Barack Obama could end this stupidity, but he won't issue one.
The fake followers of today are the fraudulent voters of November 2016.
Does anyone understand how many US dollars are added to a country's economy when a military installation is established? First there is the construction of the installation, which includes materials and manpower, then there are the foreign workers who do everything from janatorial work to groundskeeping work to food service to housekeeping. Why do you think US Congressmen complain when an installation in their jurisdiction is threatened with closure. Think about how much of a boost that would be to the Russian economy. And can you imagine the possibilities of being spied upon. After all, Putin is former (LOL) KGB.
I am not anti-Bush (I admire GW very much) as much as I am anti-Establishment, and boy, is Jeb Bush Establishment! After the debacle of the Republican establishment picking McCain and Romney and forcing both of them down our throats, you'd think the grass roots would learn. But it seems that there are as many low-information voters in the GOP as there are in the Democratic Party.
Good for those young men! As a MOM (Mother of a Marine), I stand proudly with them. They did not take the flag from the protestors, they rescued it when it fell on the ground, which is a big no-no in flag etiquette. And they were under no obligation to return it to someone just because he said it was his.
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