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Last sentence is supposed to be There was no ....
The "law" ACA states that the subsidies were for state exchanges only. This wording is not a mistake it was done on purpose. The clause about states exchanges was intentional because it was believed that this would force the states to institute exchanges or they would lose the monies from the federal government. The fact that 36 states did not set up exchanges probably shocked the hell out of the dems because they can not believe people would reject "free" government money. The was no error in wording or a typo this was the clear intent of the writers and the law
No because this is illegal. What used to separate us from other countries is that laws were king. Yes we made mistakes but on a whole all were required to follow the same set of rules. Also if you want to get political this is just a ploy to get past the next election 2014 and put off the pain so democrats do not get beaten like they did in 2010.
This is 1986 all over again. No benchmarks need to be met and verified before millions of law breakers followed by millions in chain migration are legalized The o administration has already shown a complete disregard for law. O had no right to just enact a semi dream act but he did. The last bill passed to build a border fence said that the fence shall be built. That did not happen so more blatant law breaking by elected officials who now seem to be above the law. Most of the law can be wave by the sec. of homeland defense who has already said the border is secure.....another lie. We will end up with up to 31 million people who should not have ever been allowed in or to stay. The only thing broken is enforcement. People from other countries have NO right to be here unless done so legally period. We already allow more legal immigration than all the other countries of the world combined. Just arrest and deport anyone not here legally the problem will solve itself as it did when Dwight Eisenhower threw the bums out after WW II.
Not all of the spending Bush did was "necessary". Explain how Medicare Part D was "necessary". Also I doubt that the Dept of Homeland security was necessary as it has now morphed into a national police force as witnessed in the recent demonstrations at IRS offices by tea party groups where HHS was there to intimidate. Possible beginnings of the new police state. Hope that last sentence is just nuts but HHS needs to be watched closely.
Sarah Hall Ingram should be fired wether she knew about the targeting or not. If she knew then she is fired for trampling the 1st Amendment. If she did not know what was going on in the department she was in charge of then she should be fired for incompetence. Unlike the head of the IRS who was leaving in a few weeks anyway (and this should have happened to him ) Ingram should be escorted from the building immediatly by security and never allowed to return.
The sad fact is now a very large percentage of the American population is uninformed, wrongly informed or just uninterested in what is happening to this country. It would seem more people care about dancing with the stars, or honey boo boo or whatever circus is going on than the fact that the Constitutional Republic is being destroyed and replaced with a socialist semi monarchy. When the president tells grads not to worry about tyranny it time to really worry about tyranny because it is coming. IRS anyone? Plus next year they will have all your health info to share with your enemies if you step out of line. They are doing it now with groups how much easier to target individuals. Not to mention the now being formed "death panel" That may find you do not warrant any meds or treatment because you are not a good drone. Sounds outrageous but thinking back all of say five years and the stuff happened now would you have predicted where we are now. I thought it would be bad but it much worse then I thought possible. Try to imagine three years from now the double whatever you imagine that might be as bad as it is going to be.
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The Crucifixion of Jason Richwine

tired-of-it Wrote: May 10, 2013 9:27 AM
It seems like a step that should be taken is that going forward all illegals including those that cross the border or those who overstay their visas be felons. Up the law and the penalities with manditory prison time ( one year first offense, 5 yrs second etc.) at hard labor followed be deportation. Under age law breakers deported immediately and drop in home countries to be handled by those countries not our problem what those countries choose to do with them.
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