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Where Does a Cop With an 80-pound Dog Search? Anywhere He Wants.

Tionico Wrote: Feb 27, 2013 11:35 AM
I've seen video of handlers training dogs to false alert on subtle command. THen, the cop goes and finds an out of state car in a motel parking lot, wipes a bit of weed on a fender, and waits on the highway next morning.. sees the car, lights it up, and of course the dog hits... then anything found in the car can be used as "evidence". Trouble is, the Fourth demands the warrant be upon oath or affirmation, and NAME the specific item or person to be found, and the places to be searched to find it. If something else is found, it should NOT be admissible as evidence, nor if its found elsewhere. Fraud is more common amongst the "law enfircement" community than most would believe.. or accept.

Imagine that a police officer, after taking it upon himself to search someone's car, is asked to explain why he thought he would find contraband there. "A little birdie told me," he replies.

Most judges would react with appropriate skepticism to such a claim. But substitute "a big dog" for "a little birdie," and you've got probable cause.

Or so says the U.S. Supreme Court, which last week unanimously ruled that "a court can presume" a search is valid if police say it was based on an alert by a dog trained to detect drugs. The court thereby encouraged judges to...