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The Marijuana Rebellion

Tionico Wrote: Sep 26, 2012 1:46 PM
Then we get to the stupid and unconstitutional confiscatin laws.. SUSPECTED of involvement with controlled substances (even a landowner renting to users is "suspect", and subject to seizure and forfeiture, no due process, no trial, property just disappeared.. into a huge government hole. Should I even mention the billions (trillions, by now, I'm sure) of OUR tax dollars spent on feeding the corrupt agencies tasked with "enforcement".. our "friends" the DEA, CIA, FBI, DHS, local SWAT teams.... put them to work in positive ways.
By the time the 21st Amendment ended national alcohol prohibition in December 1933, more than a dozen states had already opted out. Maryland never passed its own version of the Volstead Act, while New York repealed its alcohol prohibition law in 1923. Eleven other states eliminated their statutes by referendum in November 1932.

We could see the beginning of a similar rebellion against marijuana prohibition this year as voters in three states -- Washington, Colorado and Oregon -- decide whether to legalize the drug's production and sale for recreational use. If any of these ballot initiatives pass, it might be the...