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but a male-child well raised will know instantly that the militant feminists are nuts, and pay them no mind. They are NOT normal, so why regard them as such, or emulate them. A fish without a bicycle is unremarkable. Pay it no mind, and move on to something real.
but claw hammers and bare fists/feet kill more people than do guns... so take away the guns, the deaths will continue. The problem is the HEART, not the tool.
nailed it.
How stupid and childish: "For instance, when a guy says, 'You throw the ball like a girl' or 'You're a little sissy,' it reflects an attitude that devalues women, and attitudes will eventually manifest in some fashion". It is not demeaning to suggest that a MAN perform some activity in a manner a woman is likely to do, because a man throws like a man, and a woman throws like a woman, and there is no value attached to either. Is "you throw like a man" an insult, or demeaning, to say to a girl? Of course not. Men and women ARE different, and do things differently, and innately have different abilities. Different is NOT superior/inferior, nor is pointing out such differences a slam, insult, cut, put-down. Grow up and get real.
Such discussions do ineed belong in the home, and nowhere else. However, the schools these days seem to think it their task to initiate and guide such discussions, and provide the content for them... and will NOT tolerate any topics or line of thought that conflicts with their predetermined agenda. Which explains perfectly WHY this shirt was considered "offensive" to the administration. Promoting chastity (to use an "outdated" but very accurate term) goes counter to the benefit of the schools... how much time and money are expended in promoting the planned parenthood/babydeath agenda? And how much of that agenda supports and promotes the teacher's union agendae? Simple.. follow the money, and Chloe's tee shirt motto tends to put a wrench in the smoothly working gears of the money machine.
then they who consider the term "racist" are the ones who ARE racist. Get over it. Words have meaning, and meanings have consequences. Folks and virginity both have meanings..... as does the meme that our freedom of expression cannot be abridged.
the SPLC he cited is the organisation of the same name as it existed in the 1950's and 60's. NOT the same corrupt, perverse organisation which have coopted the name and is active these days. SPLC "back then" were a good and necesary organisation, and accomplished much. Today's group of the same name could likely be indicted on a few incidents......
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Legislation Introduced to Eliminate ATF

Tionico Wrote: Sep 17, 2014 7:05 PM
WHO SAYS all the inspections, licensing hassles, "supervision" etc need to continue? BATF have wasted billions in unwarranted prosecutions, spent millions on weapons bought then illegally exported to Mexican cartels, tyrannises most FFL dealers, rides herd on gun "safety" and such.. and ALL this is without warrant under the Constitution. What is needed is a critical look at what ATF actually DO (work product), and a serious analisis of what is necessary and proper under the Constitution... then cut ALL that fails this test. If DOJ continues to operate ATF functioins through other of their corrupt agencies, the mess will not go away. When dealer "inspections" are fishing trips, agents surreptitionsly record sales records (to build the prohibited database of gun owners in spite of laws against it), bogus prosecutions abound (read about the Reece family in NM, sent up on outrageous charges brought by lying and complicit ATF agents), turning the whole cesspool over to DoJ and FBI will solve nothing. End ninety percent of their present functions. They are illegal, anticonstitutioinal, and expensive.
What the real, and only reliable, cure for the "rape epidemic" on campuses is to allow all law abiding students desiring to do so to carry about upon their persons the most effective means of emphasising the word "NO!!!" ever devised... yes, I mean the concealed handgun. "Oh, but they're still just a bunch of kids". Are they? Then why are they allowed to be about of their own accord and out from under the roofs of their parents? If they are yet children, they need to be back at home like children. Read up on the experience of the two major publically fiunded universities in Denver, Colorado.... both had guns on campus banned, both had ridiculour rape and sezual assault statistics, one of them decided to allow campus carry, the other continued to oppose it. Go and find out the changes in statistic over a very short period of time experienced by each of these campuses.
if all he wanted was to not become a victim himself, this would work well. However, I believe his real goal is to expose the gross illegaity of this insane "law" (which, being utterly and hopelessly in conflict with our Constitution, still the supreme law of this land, is null, void, of no effect, and not law at all) he desires to take a strong stand and end the insanity. He is seeking the higher ground of ulitmate justice, not merely temorary shelter from immediate consequences. I've no doubt this entire hoax of "law" would be had right out with the soilt nappies were any REAL court of law to hear it.
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