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so, these atheists that don't hold to any right/wrong, no moral code, etc.. have one of them invite me over to their house. I'll bring my twenty ounce waffle face framing hammer and take a hard whack at their head. THEN let's see how they react to that morally neutral activity, and whether they mightn't suddenly see the light (after the stars clear away inside their cranium) and realise there really IS something called "sin", and I just did it. Tell these clowns to go have their whinge somewhere else.... they are offensive.
these atheist dweebs have no case..... have them quote the law that Congress have passed that mandates these kids wearing their own tee shirts. They don't even have to remove that verse from the website, even if it IS a school sponsored site. Ya see, the language in that pesky First is pretty clear.... it starts out with "CONGRESS shall make no law establishing a religion.. or preventing the free exercise thereof". Pray tell what law Congress have passed that bears any authority in this situation? Tell that FFRF clown to pound sand, and come back when Congress DO pass a law that establishes a religion......
they're waiting for Congress to pass a law mandating they pray on the show... until then, its cool.
I've heard some reports of the hassles coming against this gunrange from the county for the past three years or so... thinking it was the new crop of outlanders mucking things up in their new posh bedroom communities. It did seem very strange and far out of character for Kitsap County.... and area I've been familiar with for most of my life (my parents met and married in Bremerton right after the Second World War, many other relatives in the area). NOW I see the real root of it..... a personal vendetta campaigned by one rotten pervert. It does seem he's got some malleable chums on the County government..... else he'd not be getting attempts to change the rules to get rid of the range. This sick man needs to be turned out into the souplines first chance. Such malfeasance and misuse of his office of public trust is unacceptible. How to make him go away legally and permanently.. that is the challenge. It would take some action by our new Attorney General... but he's too busy persecuting a florist over in the Tri Cities for electing to not supply the flower arragenemtns for a ceremony between two males.... who were not in the least offended by it. She even helped them by referring them to someone who was able to meet their needs. It was the stupidprosecutor took it upon himself to drag this hard working and generous woman into the courts. Fat chance this same Attorney General would be the least bit sympathetic to the gun clob's cause.
Sounds like Nero and his "panem et circensis" to me......
no, its just that the price of the "cleanup paper" has skyrocketed, and that they anticipate using so much of it.
the kinyun can read?
Chicago want MY tourist dollars? That will only happen after they change one thing: make it legal for ME and all other law abiding folks there to carry about with us, on our persons, the defensive weapon of our own choice. Until that happens, I will not even change planes in thier town. In the past few years I've refused to attend two conferences/conventions there, and flown extra distance to NOT pass through Chicago. I can't be armed there, as I am everywhere else I go (I don't go to/through New York or Newark, either), I won't be disarmed there. Someone tell Rahmmie for me.... I don't have his phone number. I'm sure he'll want to hear the news.
cage free eggs might be OK.. but the main problem with PETA is they ARE cage free... they al need to be IN cages..... the Crowbar Hotel downtown.
they were most likely bribed with candy eggs loaded with HFCS, FDA approved food dyes, soy lecithin, and chemical preservatives.
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