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Kroger's (includes ALL Fred Meyer and QFC, maybe more) now, next will it be Safeway and Albertson's? Privately owned property that is open to the public, as are grocery stores and restaurants, SHOULD be required to allow patrons who are lawfully armed everywhere else to ALSO be so armed on their premises. When a property owner allows full public access, then denies MY right to self protection, they should be held accountable if I am harmed while in their "gin free" target rich environment. Consider the Aurora, CO, theater.... patrons disarmed by policy. At least in MY state, there are certain stringent requirements before a gun ban is even in effect, and if I choose to ignore it, AND am found out, the worst fate I can suffer is to be required to remove the "offending" firearm from their premises,,, either with or without myself. So, I carry everywhere, hang the hoplophobes. Practically there is no difference between the inside of such a store (Home Depot, Safeway, Target, Chipotle's, ) and the sidewalk in front of it as far as my rights and responsibility are concerned. Yet they gleefully disarm me (they think) and refuse to accept the additonal risk and burden for my safety. This is wrong. In MY home, I can control who enters.... byt why should I trut a man without a gun when I would not trust the same man WITH a gun? If I can't trust him WITH one, why should I trust him without one? Someone please answer me that one.....
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Stereotyping Injustice

Tionico Wrote: 12 hours ago (10:14 PM)
and they continue to do so, with vigour. It is well nigh impossible for anyone without "connexions" to get a carry permit in NYC, or even to be in possession of any handgun. And New York's nazi laws do not infringe on our universal right to arms? I won't go near the place.... they will NOT allow me to serve as my own First Responder, and will even make me into a felon for merely possessing within their Reich the means to so do. I will not even schedule an airline flight that has a stop in NYC or Newark. Hundreds are arrested annually for violation of their egregious and unconctitutional gun ban laws for merely being forced to take possession lf checked baggage when a flight is delayed or cancelled, and one is forced to spend the night somewhere. Both jurisdictions refuse to respect the Firearms Owner's Protection Act, designed to be a shelter for travellers.
I've observed that most car rentals are significantly higher in cost when the car is picked up at the airport. Seems airports have a penchant for outrageous tax structures. I have also noticed that a large number of the food purveyors at airports are no longer such high priced outrages as they were a decade ago. Some cities actually passed laws that prohibit airport locations from charging more than their in-city locations for the same foods. Then, outfits like Panda Express began to locate in airports and VOLUNTARILY sold their food at the much lower prices found out and about in town. It was, in fact, this very decision that introduced me to their food... a full meal at the Panda cost about the same as a lousey buger at the national chain just down the hall. I went for cheap.. and have been a steady customer since, seeking them out when travelling. A wise business decision.
and in some cases, the cabal will end up taking your life at the behest of their "owners", as recentl heppened to an entrepreneur in Staten Island. His crime" Selling "loosies", single cigarettes, on the street to willing buyers at a mutually acceptible price. The ruse was that such sales were "untaxed", thus "stealing" from the city government. Uh, has anyone proven yet that this man had purchased the sealed pack from which he sold the singles without paying the federal, state, county, and city taxes on the tobacco product? I haven't seen THAT detail revealed. Thus the taxes WERE paid...... yet he died in the attempt to eke out a paltry living in his chosen trade. At least no cops have yet shot a ten year old running a lemonade stand at the kerb in front of his own house.....
In the end, cities like Milbrae will suffer from the lost revenue as the "new" business models proliferate, and both locate elsewhere and mitigate against the continued market control of the traditionals. What is at the root of this is essentialy fascixm... defined, FASCISM is government control of private means of production. Will Millbrae succed in persisting in maintining their control over private means of production, as in, the owners of cars now being rented according to the heavily regulated model of Hertz,.Avis, Budget, etc? If they insise, the business will migrate to freerer turf, as most enterprises are wont to do. Some years back I refused to complete the purchase of a property in a nearby city, precipitated by a long chat with the "resource development" officials (used to be "building department, implying they were there to help those wishing to construct, but now implying a "we know better and you WILL do things our way" mentality.. fascism, once again). The restrictions and requirements they wanted to place on me for the simply use I intended rendered the property no longer usable as I needed it. Thus, I bought a place in the county, just outsice their line of control. government control MUST be reduced... as it is the main issue crusing our ability to produce and prosper. WHY has so much production been relocated to places like Mexico, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Korea? ANd NOT to Germany, Spain, Ireland, Greece, Italy, Venezuela? Same issue.. will government enable increased production, or drive it elsewhere? Will takers outnumber makers before long? Will MY property remain mine to use as I please, barring direct harm to others?
precisely the Marx/Alinsky goal... divide into factions along any lines possible (99%/1*, black/white, rich/poor, homo/hetero, Dem/Rep, liberal/conservative. right/left, makers/takers, pro/anti guns, government/mundane, christian/not, moslem/other, and so the list goes. Here we have both the black/white card and the makers/takers card being played. And THEY are winning... yes the side of the one world total control ruling elite. There re REASONS our Framers included every one of the facets of the Bill of Rights. They ALL came from a specific abuse perpetrated upon them by their British Overlords, who completely ignored almost a thousand years of history and law, including laws then yet in effect, but ignored and openly violated by King George Three and his runaway parliament. History bears some lessons for us today, if we'll humble ourselves and learn from it. Alinsky's Rules for Radicals is part of history.... and it seems the kinyun and his minions are about employing as much of Alinsky's ideas as possible.
no, it's all about "free stuff", paid for, of course, by the Makers. Hey, what else are the Takers for, but to eat out the substance of the Makers? These punks are all about singing that one-note samba.... mi mi mi mi mi mi mi mi (and I'll have mercy and quit there......)
property taxes, sales taxes.. yes, paid by all who are there. Renters are charged a rate that covers the property taxes paid by the house owner. Sales taxes are paid by any who buy there,,, but are not paid by those who steal (but the taxes are due, just no pracitcal way to collect them).
major flaw... not charging full price merely reduces his INCOME, thus lowering his gross income figure by the amount otherwise charged for the same service. In other words, he already has deducted it by not having the income in the first place. To deduct the shortfall is basicaly to get paid by the other taxpayers, as it would reduce taxes on real income. Stop and think about it.... money not earned is not taxed. To reduce one's gross income by the theoretical income not received is to deduct it twice.. first by not getting it in the first place to add to his total, and second by deducting what he never got in the first place from what else he did get. Its not the same as earning $200K and giving $20K to Doctors without Borders and decudting THAT charitable contribution. Its as if he only earned $180K then gave $20 K to MSF. Mandatory rethink..... nice try.
Yep.. ANY federal attempt to meddle with medical care is unconstitutioinal.. they have NO authority to meddle with that, or any insurance plan. Nor to force anyone to buy anything they don't want to buy. I don't care WHAT that ignorant sellout lawmaker in his black bathrobe said about a tax.... even if it IS a tax, it is still null and void, because all taxation issues MUST originate in the House, and this monstrosity sprouted up on the senate floor. Either way, its wrong.
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