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Who Benefits When Top Military Brass Fall

Tinsldr2 Wrote: Nov 15, 2012 8:41 PM
Inside the Army General Petraeus was seen as a genius. I had the distinct pleasure of working for a month on a staff that supported him in Iraq. I was just a field grade officer filling in for a Division liaison to the Corps HQ in Iraq when he was the Forces Commander but i sat in a briefing he got every morning. He was brilliant and his COIN was the right way to go.
Everyone is preoccupied with the events surrounding the juicy sex scandal involving now-former CIA Director David Petraeus to the point they may not have noticed a pattern -- a shake-down -- that is taking place in our military top brass, much like the one currently happening in Russia under President Vladimir Putin.

Curiously, the shake-down here in the U.S. began just after the September 11 terrorist attacks in Benghazi, begging the question: Who benefits when great military leaders like Petraeus fall?

According to ABC News on October 27, "In an unusual move" the Navy replaced Rear Adm. Charles...