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Support for Same-sex Marriage Crosses Party Lines

Tinsldr2 Wrote: Mar 18, 2013 6:37 PM
Patriot155 Wrote: 6 minutes ago (6:27 PM) People can debate this and sidestep the fact that God did indeed define what marriage is to mankind.......... That is YOUR God as you understand him. But his rules are not OUR laws. God says no working on sabbath and honor your mother and father. yet our laws say you can work on sabbath and say what you want about your parents.
In an opinion article in the Columbus Dispatch, Ohio Republican Sen. Rob Portman announced that he has changed his mind and now supports same-sex marriage.

He wrote that on learning that one of his sons is gay he "wrestled with how to reconcile my Christian faith with my desire for Will to have the same opportunities to pursue happiness and fulfillment as his brother and sister."

He is not the only prominent Republican to come to this view in this way. Former Vice President Dick Cheney is another.

And at the Conservative Political Action Committee convention, a panel sponsored by the...