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Phil Isn't the One Who Needs to Apologize

Tinsldr2 Wrote: Jan 23, 2013 1:42 PM
Nope absolute best poster on TH I constantly search out his posts..... When he says things like: " (Obama) is responsible for making the decisions for millions of people. the decisions that they lack the ability to make on their own. Because he saves so many, surely he deserves a special lifestyle." How can any doubt LD's ability and talent?

Please tell me this is some sort of a sick joke.

Phil Mickelson is a professional golfer. He makes boatloads of money. Millions. What’s more, he makes boatloads of money for a lot of other people in the process, including generating massive contributions to charity. He’s a jobs creator and an engine of economic growth, as are many other pro golfers and athletes.

So Mickelson takes a look at his income tax burden, and is displeased. First we have Obama and the Democrats riding roughshod over the GOP and enacting a 4.6% tax increase on the evil rich. Then we...