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Paul Ryan: Women “Hit Hardest” Under Barack Obama

Tinsldr2 Wrote: Oct 20, 2012 12:30 PM
"The powerful and connected (i.e. politicians and their cronies) laugh at our legal system as a minor inconvenience. The break the law and then let the other law breakers judge them. " That is true in any legal/governmental system. Ours is the best one out there currently but corruption, abuse of power, cronyism, political kickbacks, buying of politicians and other evils have always been with us. But you cant throw the baby out with the bath water so we have to choose the best we can. In this case it is a no brainier since Romney is far superior in all categories to Obama

After watching this clip (which is a few days old, as it happens) I am absolutely convinced that no one can better articulate the shortcomings -- and failures -- of this administration’s economic policies than Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan:

The poverty rate among women is at a seventeen year high. Over five million women have just left the workforce. Fewer women are working today than when he took office. And so, of the people who have gotten hit the hardest…it’s women.

This is an excellent...