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I wonder if he wants fig leaves on the statue of David and a Toga on the top half of the Venus de Milo?
I watched Walking Dead instead of the award show. GREAT SHOW last night In the last 15 years there have been 5 Winners I watched and only 1 of those in theater (Lord of the Rings with my son) American Sniper is the only movie Nominated that I want to see, so no way would it win. I had to google the plot of birdman and I still don't no what is about. But EVERYONE is talking and knows the story of American hero Chris Kyle
An anti-jewish bigot gets his facts wrong , No Surprise there. You have no clue about the Rabbi's relationship with God You have no clue about his Religion which is Reformed Judaism and allows same sex couples to get married. You have no clue what "natural Law " means. But you make your statements about this man based on your own prejudice
You know that this couple would have married SOONER if that was the case?
This couple wanted to get married and did. Most marriages dont last as long as theis couple waited to get married and it is a good thing they could finally marry
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We Are Not Equal

Tinsldr2 Wrote: Feb 20, 2015 9:01 AM
I was born with the same rights as Tom Brady. I am not equal to him in ability to play football, no matter how hard I try, but my RIGHTS are equal. What about the father who, due to alleged “genetic sexual attraction”, is sexually involved with his 18 year-old daughter? What about the teacher, Christine McCallum, who was sexually involved with her 13 year old student? What about the adulterer who left his wife, shattering his family’s life, to pursue ANOTHER WOMEN? All of those involve HETEROSEXUALS. Yet we don't say men and woman cant marry because of them. Why would we say women can't marry women because of them? a drug addicted man and woman who didn't graduate HS, and have no money are not going to be equal parents to a same-sex sober financially successful couple of college grads, but they have EQUAL rights.
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Defending Against the Assault on Marriage

Tinsldr2 Wrote: Feb 19, 2015 10:02 PM
marriage between two women is no different then between a man and woman that can not have a child that is biologically both of theirs Marriage is marriage/
how horrible if your parents were not able to get married Banning same sex marriage does not give the children a male and female married parents it just means their same sex parents are unmarried
Greg633 Wrote: 1 hour ago (2:19 PM) Why couldn't they find any kids from same sex couples to study? Let's hold off on junping into a radical new definition of marriage until we can get a good study of how homo marriage would affect children......................... What a great approach.. Lets not allow same sex couples to marry each other, and raise their kids in stable 2 parent households. Then use the fact that the kids are not raised in married 2 parent households to justify prohibiting marriage. Recently in AL, a mother of a girl, was in a relationship with the same person for 7 or 8 years. She wanted to marry that person. Every study says the child would be better if the mom was married. Common sense says with taxes, insurance, benefits etc the child is better off. This Congressman, and the state want to stop the mother from marrying the person she loves. it is not a choice between a woman and a man raising the child and a woman and woman. The mother is not going to marry man. It is a choice of marry this woman and raise the child in a married household or stay single. If you cared about children you would want her mother to marry instead of staying single.
Don't give me this "It wasn't the question they were presented with" .................. But it wasn't.. They ruled on the case they were presented with , as they should. "Their word is LAW, right?" Back to civics class for you, they don't make new laws "Are we really to believe that this is a right that has existed all along They have said getting married was a Fundamental right in cases since at least the 1930s (skinner) So I don't see what new right you think was created. Do you think there is a list of your rights somewhere and that is it?
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It's Wake Up Time, City Of Charlotte

Tinsldr2 Wrote: Feb 17, 2015 2:14 PM
Sometimes , I wonder if I am commenting on the same article as other people? “You cannot discriminate based on a person's race, color, or creed,” Why? Because a civil rights LAW says you can’t ! There is nothing in the constitution about it and a private business COULD do it before civil rights laws passed. ‘but refusing to provide goods and/or services to someone based on their perverse behavior does not fall within the category of protection from discrimination.” Did you read the article? In Charlotte along with Other Cities and States it IS A PROTECTED class. Or will be in Charlotte when this law passes. Saying you don’t WANT it to fall into protected classes is fine but that is not what you said. But in Charlotte and other places it will be just as protected by Civil Rights laws as “person's race, color, or creed” That is why I would do away with all civil rights laws where they interfere with a private business. INCUDING selling an item off the shelf if you don’t want to for ANY reason.
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